Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Day 35 - 28th October

Lilydale to Devonport Ferry Terminal

Distance Travelled - 146.1 km

After a somewhat disrupted night's sleep, waking up 5 or 6 times throughout the night for no apparent reasons, I finally surfaced from bed at around 8.30 am. Had a very casual morning starting with breakfast and then finishing packing the last few items into the car and tidying the flat before I left. Rolled out of Michelle and Shane's place for the last time on this trip at about 9.45 am.

Drove through to Devonport, stopping at Elizabeth Ton to look at a photo gallery at the bakery there which had some nice photos from around Tasmania. Left there and continued to Devonport arriving not long after 12. Called in at the Antique Emporium - a massive collection of shops in the same building all dealing with antique items - a suggestion from Michelle on how to spend an hour or two. Did just that and walked out with a couple of small items.

After the Emporium I grabbed some lunch and ate it near the Mersey Bluff lighthouse whilst watching a lone whale frolic out in the ocean some distance off. Tried a bit of photography but even with a 300mm zoom it was too far away to get anything decent. Spent a bit more time reading in the sun before heading off to sort out boarding details.

Spent the next hour or so parked near a grassy reserve listening to music and reading before it was time to board the ferry. Got settled in and had some tea before crashing for the night hoping for a smooth sail.

                                            Birds on a rock near Mersey Bluff lighthouse

                                                                        Whale flipper

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