Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Day 27 - 20th October


Distance Travelled - 0 km

Stayed wake as long as I could last night sorting through several hundred photos before finally succumbing to the sleep fairy before I had a chance to write the blog. Consequently, despite waking at 4.30 am for about 20 minutes, I slept in until about 10 am. Got up and had breakfast before sitting down to finalise the last of the photos and then starting the joyous task of backing up all the photos from the last week or so and filing them into appropriate sections.

Worked through until lunch time and then wrote the blog from yesterday and discovering that I had 17 photos that would be ok for the blog. Resized them and then decided it was time to give away the computer for a bit so went back and a little snooze. About an hour later I grabbed the camera and went and sat outside in the front garden and just waited to see what would turn up for photography. Eventually, after a little walk around I found a lady bug on some grass and a small spitfire / caterpillar to try and capture.

After dabbling with for a while I went back to the flat and downloaded them and made a head strt on sorting them out so as to have a slightly earlier night tonight. Finished that in time to come downstairs to another lovely dinner prepared by Shane - tonight was satay chicken. Despite being somewhat unwell Shane did a marvellous job and we had another very tasty tea.

After tea we chatted and generally occupied ourselves before it was time for me to go to bed. Tomorrow I will go to Launceston and chase up a few bits and pieces like car servicing that is nearly due and photos from the museum and possibly a haircut. Otherwise just a lazy day.

                                                              Ladybug in the garden

                                                            Ladybug in the garden

                                                            Ladybug in the garden

                      Spitfire / caterpillar in the front garden - converted to black and white

                                              Spitfire / caterpillar in the front garden

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