Monday, 12 October 2015

Day 19 - 12th October

Lilyday to Eddystone Point (Mt William National Park)

Distance Travelled - 267.5 km

The day started with somewhat overcast skies as I woke at about 7.30 am. I got up and had breakfast whilst I transferred the last of the photo stuff onto the back up drives that I forgot to do yesterday. After that I showered and packed the car and headed off around 9 am.

The first point of call was the Visitor Information Centre in Launceston to get my National Parks pass as I will be visiting 5 or 6 of them during this part of the trip. After that it was off to do some food shopping for the week and visit an op shop for a book to read as I am nearly finished the current one. All that was finished and I was back on my way again close to 11 am.

The drive towards Eddystone took me straight back past the road Shane and Michelle live on by which stage I had already done nearly 60 km for the day. Then it was through to Scottsdale which was an ok drive - pretty in parts and nice to see as I drove along.

From Scottsdale to Mt William National Park the route went through Gladstone which is pretty much a blink and you miss it town. From there I headed to the north entrance of the park and looked through there for a bit before heading out and down to the southern end where the lighthouse is situated.    

The lighthouse is quite magnificent, made from pink quarry and is over 40 metres tall from the ground to the top of the light housing. This presented a minor problem as there was not enough room to get back from the lighthouse and capture it all in one frame on the camera. This is where I really miss my 10-20 mm lens as the 30 mm lens just doesn't have the scope. I took a couple of shots hoping that I can stitch them together and get a reasonable looking the shot.

The weather is really windy with significant numbers of clouds that look like they could drop serious amounts of rain tonight. I was hoping to do some night photography of the lighthouse with the light showing but given the weather that might be off the cards. The one saving grace for me is that there is a building here I can access tonight so I should at least be able to keep dry without needing to sleep in the car.

Hopefully the weather will blow through tonight and I might get some sunrise shots tomorrow morning before I head off towards Cape Tourville and the lighthouse down there in the Freycinet National Park.

                                                   Dead tree near Scottsdale

                                                        Eddystone Point Lighthouse

                                Steps to the lighthouse - converted to black and white

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