Sunday, 18 October 2015

Day 25 - 18th October

Gordon to Mt Field National Park

Distance Travelled - 132.4 km

After falling asleep rather quickly last night I woke just on 5 am much to my disgust but was able to roll over and sleep again for short while and then dozed on and off until just after 7.30 am and got out of bed around 7.45 am. Breakfast was a casual affair and although the sky was somewhat cloudy and overcast I sat and rad for a while before giving up hope that the tent would dry anytime soon in the cool and cloudy conditions - by 9 am I was yet to see the sun make an overt appearance.

I decided that the dampness was not too hard to live with and so packed up and finally left the campsite at about 9.30 am. I drove through to Kingston and made use of the Macca's wi-fi from their car park to post my blog.

Leaving there I drove to Hobart and decided to have a wander through the replica of Mawson's Antarctic hut. Whilst it was well set up and had some interesting information and displays it was hard to get too enthusiastic over it as it just did not feel the same as being in the actual huts like I was earlier this year. It did however give me more insight into how Mawson's men lived as we did not visit his hut in Antarctica.

The museum of old and new art (MONA) was my next place of call. This was an interesting place with some good exhibits along with the usual stuff I can't understand or appreciate but as an experience I think it was worth the effort to go there. It was well patronised and located in a beautiful setting which both added to the experience.

Finishing at the museum, it was time to head for Mt Field National Park to look at some of the waterfalls there. I arrived about an hour after leaving the museum and was quite impressed with the set up they have here. After organising a camping site I set up the tent in the beautiful sunshine and then spent a lovely half hour sitting in the sun reading before getting ready to go for a walk to the falls.

I am constantly hearing how little rain has fallen this year and was quite pleased Russell Falls looked as good as it did. I spent a bit of time taking photos before wandering up to Horseshoe Falls and taking more photos there. Wandering back along the path I spotted a few things that caught my eye as potential photographic material with my other lens and in slightly different light. It was very pleasant walking through the cool rain forest with massive tree ferns and large trees covered in moss wherever the eye roamed.

Got back to the campsite and read for a while and generally lounged around before heading back to the falls around 6ish. Did some more photography and then came back knowing I had a lot of time to look forward to on the computer stitching photos together after taking quite a few shots during both sessions. Chatted to a couple of ex teachers from WA in the camp kitchen for a while about all sorts of things before organising tea and making a few phone calls.

Started sorting photos and writing the blog and thinking of possibilities for tomorrow as I sat in the car feeling a little weary from the activities of the last few days. After I do some more photography here tomorrow I will head towards the town of Ross and then go from there. One option is to head back towards Michelle and Shane's, another is to head to Liffey Falls before going back to Lilydale.I will wait and think about things more before making any final decisions.

                               The sign on Bruny Island I forgot to put on yesterday

                                                             Russell Falls

                                                                 Russell Falls

                                                               Russell Falls

                                                                  Russell Falls

                                                           Horseshoe Falls

                                                 a fern on the Russell Falls track

                         Stone Hut, Mt Field National Park - converted to black and white

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