Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Day 6 - 29th September
Macclesfield to Dimboola
Distance Travelled - 384.7 km
Woke up early, about 4.50 am to some loud birds outside the window again but managed to get to sleep again for a while before waking again and then dozing until about 9 am. Got up and finished the last bits of packing other than the camera batteries I was charging and then went to the house to see Aunty Jan and Uncle John. Spoke to them for a while and had a coffee before finally deciding to leave by which time it was just after half eleven.
The drive today was relatively straight forward and in reality quite boring. It is pretty much all on main highway roads with somewhat quite unspectacular scenery. I cranked the music up and lost myself in the tunes and a variety of thoughts to pass the time as the wheels continued to go round and round.
Called in to Bordertown, S.A, for a late lunch at about 2.30 pm. Had a ham and cheese croissant from one of the bakeries. Probably not the best decision I have ever made as it was somewhat dry and tasteless but filled the cracks and had me on my way again.
Pushed the clock forward another half hour a little later as the time zone changed putting me 2 hours ahead of WA at the moment with that to change on Sunday / Monday when the eastern states adopt daylight saving time adding an extra hour to the time difference.
Pulled up at my camp spot at the local recreation reserve at about 4.30 pm and went for a bit of a walk with the camera and spent some time taking shots of the birds that were around the campsite. After finishing with the camera went for a half hour walk just as the sun was starting to set.
Came back to set up the tent under cover in a big 3 sided shed structure at the reserve so hopefully there will be no dew problems tonight. Set about sorting tea and then sat down to write the blog, sort photos, do some reading and listening to more music before settling down for the night.

Tomorrow will be a gentle start to the day with no rush to leave as I only need to be on Melbourne at the ferry terminal by about 5 pm and with only 4 hours or so of driving it should be a nice relaxed drive in.
                                                                    Baby Myna bird

                                                                      Baby Myna bird

                                                                       Adult Myna Bird

                                                                  Common parrot

                                                                    Common parrot


                                                                   White Cockatoo

                                                                     Baby Myna Bird
                                                              Phragmites plant at sunset
                          Sunset over the Wimmera (the only inland river in Victoria - starts and ends inland) 

Monday, 28 September 2015

Day 5 - 28th September


Distance Travelled - 22 km

After waking up at 4.50 am to the sounds of birds squawking and sounding like they were having a fight directly outside my window I managed to go back to sleep for a while, waking up a few times and then dozing again until about 9.30 am. Got up and had breakfast and went outside to see if there was anything inspiring to take a few photos of. Nothing immediately sprang to mind.

After talking to Aunty Jan and uncle John for a little bit I headed off to Strathalbyn - about 10 km away - to get the few last minute things I wanted for the trip. I wandered around a few book shops and second hand / antiques shops but found nothing of interest.

Came back and had lunch followed by the most strenuous part of my day - washing the car. Spent the rest of the day sitting and reading and taking a few more flower photos - more to say I had done some photography today rather than being particularly inspired.

Finished off some paperwork and a few car things just before having a very nice lasagna for tea. After tea chatted for a bit and then did some work on photos and the blog before settling in for the night.

Tomorrow I will repack the car and then head off mid morning to dive about half way to Melbourne which should be about 360 km to the campsite leaving about 330 km to do Thursday before boarding the ferry late Wednesday afternoon for a 7.30 pm departure. Bought some ginger lollies and motion sickness tablets today just to be safe and hopefully between that and having a bed to sleep in on the ferry I should get to Tassie without too many issues sickness wise.    

My next post will more than likely be from Tasmania.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Day 1 - 24th September

Southern Cross to Madura

Distance Travelled - 919 km

After a somewhat restless and troubled sleep with a stack of things running through my mind I got out of bed at 6.15 am and finished packing and sorting last minute things in the house that I really should have done earlier but lacked the motivation to do so. When everything at the house was ready I went to the courier depot and found that my camera was back from getting fixed by Canon and was getting delivered today so I picked that up and took it home, deciding at the last minute to come away with only 1 camera. I also visited the postie and finalised arrangements for my mail while I am away then did some early morning visiting to double check on other arrangements. With all the jobs now done it was just before 8.30 am and time to head off.

I spent pretty much the whole day driving with no photography at all. The driving was pretty uneventful and to some degree a bit tedious but it still retained some enjoyment for me. I arrived in Norseman just before 12 and got some fuel for the car and me and continued on after about a 30 minute break.

Drove through to Balledonia and stopped to stretch my legs with two laps around the car before heading off again. I continued driving to Cocklebiddy where I fueled up again and had another stretch and walk and spent about 20 minutes just wandering and spending some time not sitting down.
After leaving Cocklebiddy I drove just over 100 km where I pulled over for the night. I was about 20 km Adelaide side of Madura and quite happy with my progress. I will lose 1.5 hours tomorrow crossing the border so was pleased to have made a bit better time than expected today. Hopefully another full day of driving tomorrow will get me in striking distance of Aunty Jan and Uncle John's place and I can get there not long after lunch time on Saturday.

Having arrived at camp I quickly set up the tent before darkness completely descended and made the obligatory phone calls to the people that required them. I then set about cooking tea and writing the blog. I think this evening will consist of a small walk to help remove the kinks from driving all day. a bit of a read of my book and then an early night ready for another all-day driving session tomorrow.

Day 2 - 25th September

Madura to Iron Knob

Disstance Travelled - 1063 km

Had a semi -disrupted night with a truck pulling in to the campsite at about 2.30 am, banging and clanging in and around the truck for about 20 minutes before heading off again. I managed to get back to sleep and slept through until 5.30 am when I awoke to light streaming in through the tent opening. I managed to doze on and off until 6.30 am when I eventually got out of bed.

Looking at the tent I discovered it had been a very heavy dew overnight and the fly was quite wet. Had breakfast and read for a while as I waited for the tent to dry out. Packed everything else away and got completely ready to leave and finally the tent was ready to pack away. By the time I was ready to go it was 7.45 am, at least 45 minutes later than I had hoped for last night.

Drove pretty much all day, stopping only to refuel and stretch the legs with some quick walks around the car parks at the service stations. Lost an hour and a half with the time change coming into South Australia and more time with a couple of sets of roadworks with speeds down to 40 kph.
Eventually drove into Iron Knob, about 70 km short of Port Augusta, at about 7.45 pm South Australia time, quite tired and not prepared to take on any more night driving. There has been significant numbers of roadkill this trip over. It possibly seems like more than usual as last time across there was almost none which was unusual compared to other trips I have made.

Listened to the football for a bit before setting up the tent and then listening to it again while writing the blog. Once the footy is finished I will head to bed to hopefully wake refreshed and ready for the last 420 km of driving tomorrow to get me to Aunty Jan and Uncle John's place. No photography today.

Day 3 - 26th September

Iron Knob to Macclesfield

Distance Travelled - 445.1 km

Woke up at 5.00 am to the sounds of people getting ready to leave - packing of cars, opening and closing of doors and not so hushed whispers. Rolled over and eventually slept again waking at 7.15 am. Got up and packed, had breakfast and left by 7.45 am.

Drove through stopping for fuel and to do a little bit of shopping for some things I had left behind in Southern Cross. Obviously the brain wasn't properly engaged when getting the ready the for the trip. Bought a pillow and a book to record things in and a coffee cup before pulling in to Aunty Jan and Uncle John's.

Once there spent a bit of time chatting to them and their guests before heading off to make a couple of calls and for an afternoon nap - I was feeling surprisingly tired. Spent a couple of hours asleep while Aunty Jan and Uncle John went off with their visitors and then got up and met them in the house. Spent time chatting before eating some amazing home made pizzas for tea.

After tea watched the Eagles win their way into the grand final and then went to bed, still feeling somewhat tired after the 2427 km of driving in the last few days. The next day or so will be spent relaxing and re-energizing before heading off to Melbourne and catching the ferry to Tasmania on Wednesday afternoon / evening. No photography today.  

Day 4 - 27th September


Distance travelled - 0 km

Woke up about 6.30 am and rolled over back to sleep for a little while before waking again and then dozing on and off until about 10 am. Got up and had some breakfast before wandering around outside in the very pleasant sunny weather to do some photography of the flowers around the property here.

Had lunch with Aunty Jan and Uncle John before heading off with them to see my cousin Michael and his partner in their recently acquired house. It was a pleasant afternoon and it was good to see Michael who I haven't seen for a very long time.

Got back and spent some time with another cousin Scott who had turned up here. We all chatted for a while before having a very nice, very spicy chicken dish for tea. After tea I did a bit of photo work, made some phone calls and posted the blog before getting ready to go to bed. Still not sleeping particularly well so it will be good to possibly get another decent sleep in tomorrow. 

Not a lot planned for tomorrow except to wash the car and organize some sea sickness tablets just in case. At this stage I plan to leave Adelaide Tuesday morning and make my way to Melbourne for Wednesday afternoon. Hope you enjoy some of the photos I took today.