Monday, 28 September 2015

Day 5 - 28th September


Distance Travelled - 22 km

After waking up at 4.50 am to the sounds of birds squawking and sounding like they were having a fight directly outside my window I managed to go back to sleep for a while, waking up a few times and then dozing again until about 9.30 am. Got up and had breakfast and went outside to see if there was anything inspiring to take a few photos of. Nothing immediately sprang to mind.

After talking to Aunty Jan and uncle John for a little bit I headed off to Strathalbyn - about 10 km away - to get the few last minute things I wanted for the trip. I wandered around a few book shops and second hand / antiques shops but found nothing of interest.

Came back and had lunch followed by the most strenuous part of my day - washing the car. Spent the rest of the day sitting and reading and taking a few more flower photos - more to say I had done some photography today rather than being particularly inspired.

Finished off some paperwork and a few car things just before having a very nice lasagna for tea. After tea chatted for a bit and then did some work on photos and the blog before settling in for the night.

Tomorrow I will repack the car and then head off mid morning to dive about half way to Melbourne which should be about 360 km to the campsite leaving about 330 km to do Thursday before boarding the ferry late Wednesday afternoon for a 7.30 pm departure. Bought some ginger lollies and motion sickness tablets today just to be safe and hopefully between that and having a bed to sleep in on the ferry I should get to Tassie without too many issues sickness wise.    

My next post will more than likely be from Tasmania.

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