Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Day 6 - 29th September
Macclesfield to Dimboola
Distance Travelled - 384.7 km
Woke up early, about 4.50 am to some loud birds outside the window again but managed to get to sleep again for a while before waking again and then dozing until about 9 am. Got up and finished the last bits of packing other than the camera batteries I was charging and then went to the house to see Aunty Jan and Uncle John. Spoke to them for a while and had a coffee before finally deciding to leave by which time it was just after half eleven.
The drive today was relatively straight forward and in reality quite boring. It is pretty much all on main highway roads with somewhat quite unspectacular scenery. I cranked the music up and lost myself in the tunes and a variety of thoughts to pass the time as the wheels continued to go round and round.
Called in to Bordertown, S.A, for a late lunch at about 2.30 pm. Had a ham and cheese croissant from one of the bakeries. Probably not the best decision I have ever made as it was somewhat dry and tasteless but filled the cracks and had me on my way again.
Pushed the clock forward another half hour a little later as the time zone changed putting me 2 hours ahead of WA at the moment with that to change on Sunday / Monday when the eastern states adopt daylight saving time adding an extra hour to the time difference.
Pulled up at my camp spot at the local recreation reserve at about 4.30 pm and went for a bit of a walk with the camera and spent some time taking shots of the birds that were around the campsite. After finishing with the camera went for a half hour walk just as the sun was starting to set.
Came back to set up the tent under cover in a big 3 sided shed structure at the reserve so hopefully there will be no dew problems tonight. Set about sorting tea and then sat down to write the blog, sort photos, do some reading and listening to more music before settling down for the night.

Tomorrow will be a gentle start to the day with no rush to leave as I only need to be on Melbourne at the ferry terminal by about 5 pm and with only 4 hours or so of driving it should be a nice relaxed drive in.
                                                                    Baby Myna bird

                                                                      Baby Myna bird

                                                                       Adult Myna Bird

                                                                  Common parrot

                                                                    Common parrot


                                                                   White Cockatoo

                                                                     Baby Myna Bird
                                                              Phragmites plant at sunset
                          Sunset over the Wimmera (the only inland river in Victoria - starts and ends inland) 

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