Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Day 13 - 6th October

Rocky Cape to Stanley and return

Distance Travelled - 71.8 km

A somewhat overcast sky greeted my eyes as they peeled open at just after 5 am before promptly shutting again to reopen at aboout 6 am. Still no change in the weather so I dozed until just before 7 am. Got up and packed away a dry tent thanks to being under cover in a disused camp kitchen type area. Had breakfast and cleaned up in time in ring John, the owner of the property where the new lighthouse is located, by 8 am.

Much to my surprise, I must admit, he seemed quite happy for me to go and have a look at the lighthouse. He asked me to be there at 9.30 am so I had time for a quick walk of about 30 minutes before heading out. Arrived in Stanley at about 9 am and did a few quick shots of the old lighthouse structure at the wharf before heading out to the rendezvous point by about 9.15 am. Not long after John turned up and we chatted for a bit before he opened up the gates. He had to go to town so just told me to lock the gates when I left and that would be fine. I had been given the impression that he was always reluctant to have people ask to go see it and I was pleasantly mystified at the difference.

I wandered out to the lighthouse, about a 10 minute walk, to find a significantly different lighthouse. Whilst not a traditional structure it was certainly an improvement on the metal lattice towers that many of the new ones are. I took a few photos and headed back to the car. I then headed to the town, stopping to take a couple of photos of 'The Nut', a large rock formation at the end of the headland.

Entering into town I visited the Cow and Calf gallery recommended to me by the guy I was talking to at the campsite last night. WOW! is a ridiculous understatement. The photos this guy has taken are amazing. David Murphy is the name of the photographer and after looking through the gallery I am in two minds. One is to use his photos as inspiration as to what is possible and the other is to give my camera away as anything I produce seems so insignificant and pales so much in comparison.

Walking away from the gallery I headed to the wharf and took a couple of shots before heading back to the Rocky Cape Tavern campsite. I decided to have a very leisurely day today and with forecast rain and high winds this afternoon thought I might take the opportunity to relax a bit more rather than drive off into the unknown in potentially bad weather.

Got back to camp and spent the afternoon reading, sorting photos, listening to music, setting up camp, having a little nap and chatting to people before deciding to write the blog early. I think I can access the internet at the pub so I might be able to post my blog tonight instead of tomorrow if all goes well.

After finishing the blog I will have tea and then look into plans for tomorrow which basically consists of heading to Marrawah and hunting out the West Point and Bluff Hill lighthouses. After that the general plan is to head towards Strahan and the lighthouses at Hell's Gate and Cape Sorell before heading back towards Michelle and Shane's at Lilydale over the next few days. Given the weather I think it might be an early night.

Old Highfield lighthouse
                                                           New Highfield lighthouse

                                                              Bay near new lighthouse

                                                                 'The Nut' at Stanley

                                                           Rusted nut on the wharf

                                                              Stanchion on the wharf

                                                              Stanchion on the wharf

                                                      Stanchion on the wharf - modified

                                                              Fisherman on the wharf

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