Saturday, 3 October 2015

Day 10 - 3rd October

Lilydale to Beechford

Distance Travelled - 116.6 km

After going to sleep around 1 am it seemed way to soon to wake up as the clock showed 8 am. Struggled out of bed a little bit later and had a shower and some breakfast before going to the main house about 9 am to see what was happening. Michelle was ready to go so I packed the car and followed her to Lilydale Falls.

The falls are only about 5 minutes drive from their house and are quite beautiful. There are 2 sections of falls and although not running overly fast they still looked very picturesque and sounded nice. There was a lot of large ferns and tall trees in and around the falls making it significantly cooler than the carpark area and the muted sunlight struggling to get through the canopy of leaves and branches made the sight of the waterfall area even nicer. Michelle commented that the water level in the bottom pool was significantly lower than she has seen it before. Given the beauty of the falls at this level I can only imagine that it must look so much better with more water in the system.

After a short time there we headed our separate ways, Michelle back home to grand final festivities and I went off in search of lighthouses. I started my trek by initially going back to Launceston to visit the information centre and grab some methylated spirits from Bunnings for my cooking stove.

Having completed those tasks I headed towards George Town, the Low Head Lighthouse and the Tamar River leading lights. Having gone back to Launceston, the drive to George Town was primarily on highway roads so not particularly inspiring. Arrived and went to the local information centre and spent some time talking to the woman there getting information about access points and possible camping spots.

After having my curiosity satisfied I went off and found the Low Head Lighthouse. Wandered around the area for a while looking at some of the buildings and taking some photos of the lighthouse before heading back towards town a little to where the leading lights are. These are 2 separate lighthouse buildings, smaller than the nearby Low Head lighthouse and work in a similar fashion to the ones at Port Melbourne and Lady Bay lights. The idea behind them is that the pilots of the boats line up the lights from the 2 small lighthouses and by keeping on that path are able to make safe passage into harbour.

Having taken photos of them I headed out to Beechford where I found a spot to camp in a park there, hidden back from the road. I spent the rest of the afternoon listening to the Eagles get thumped in the Grand Final and reading my book. Later in the afternoon / early evening I went for a walk along the nearby beach for half an hour or so just as it was starting to darken down for the night. Went back to the car and had tea before writing the blog, sorting photos, reading, listening to music and setting up camp for the night.

Tomorrow I will head towards Devonport and the Mersey Bluff Lighthouse and see what develops from there. Daylight savings starts here tomorrow so I will need to take that into account and remember to put the appropriate time pieces forward.

                                                            Lilydale Falls lower

                                                              Lilydale Falls lower

Lilydale Falls upper
Low Head lighthouse
She Oak leading light - Tamar River
Tamar River leading light

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