Monday, 26 October 2015

Day 33 - 26th October

Rocky Cape Tavern to Lilydale

Distance Travelled - 234.3 km

I slept surprisingly well last night, not waking during the night and not stirring until after 6 am and then finally dragging myself out of bed at 7.45 am. Organised breakfast and then went for a bit of a walk while the tent was drying out a little. Came back from the walk and sat in the car listening to some tunes for a while as the tent continued to dry out happy in the knowledge that there was no rush to be anywhere today.

Finally left the campsite at about 9.30 am and headed off towards Lilydale, stopping on the way to take a few photos at a place on the Hwy called Doctor's Rocks and then again at Maccas in Burnie to post the blog. The weather was very windy but the drive was pleasant with enough sunshine coming through the car to make it comfortably warm and the scenery being not too horrid, for hwy driving, most of the time.

Got back to Lilydale about 1.45 pm and went to get fuel and then continued down to Lilydale Falls where I spent an hour or so walking around looking for things to photograph and revisiting the Falls. There seems to be even less water in the pools now than there was when I visited them the first time. Took a few shots of a farmhouse on the hill and that was about the extent of the photography for the day.

Got back to Shane and Michelle's and after doing a bit of unpacking spent the rest of the afternoon talking with Shane about a host of topics which was good. Michelle came home late after meetings at school and we had a delicious curry cooked by Shane, shared some yummy fudge I bought back from Sheffield and then after a bit more chatting it was time to go up to the flat to begin sorting things for tomorrow, writing blog and sorting photos.

Tomorrow the car goes in for the service and I will wander around town looking at various things until it is done and then it will be back to the house to start organising the car for the trip back to Melbourne on Wednesday.

Doctors Rocks near Burnie

                                                           Doctors Rocks near Burnie

                                                         Farmland near Lilydale Falls

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