Friday, 9 October 2015

Day 16 - 9th October

Burbury Lake campsite to Lilydale

Distance Travelled - 285.9 km

Woke at 6.30 am after what seemed like a decent nights sleep. Woke a couple of times during the night but got back to sleep almost instantly so that was good. There was a certain chill to the air this morning but it didn't seem as bad as yesterday. When I left the Savage River campsite yesterday morning the car was registering it as 3 degrees. Today there was a lot of mist over the lake so I decided to go and have a look with the camera and hope for a decent shot. I was well pleased with the black and white shot of the bridge from yesterday so I thought the mist again today might also help.

Wandered down to the lake and was rewarded with a beautiful scene. The lake was relatively calm and the sun was just starting to sneak over some of the nearby ranges. I took some photos from the boat ramp and then scrambled over some rocky terrain on a steepish slope to a spot I thought might have been better. The whole time I was very careful with my footing as I definitely did not want to go for an early morning swim nor did I want to risk damaging my camera or lens.

After getting a few shots, hoping for a decent one amongst them, I retraced my steps and went back to camp. I had breakfast and packed away and was ready to leave by 8.30 am. I noticed the car said 4 degrees as I left.

The drive through to Derwent Bridge was very nice. It was again a reasonably twisting and winding road with some breathtaking scenery along the way. Driving through the Wild Rivers National Park near the Franklin River was just part of the journey. It was a delightful way to spend and hour.

Just the other side of Derwent Bridge is The Wall. This has to be a must see for anyone remotely interested in wood work or wood carving. The work inside is incredible and a true testament to the talent this man has. Unfortunately no photography allowed inside so unless there is something on the web you will just have to take my word for it. I cannot think of word good enough to describe this work. To say it is utterly amazing is so much of an understatement it is ridiculous.

I left The Wall ready to give up woodwork as well as my photography now. I continued the drive back to Michelle and Shane's, enjoying the varying scenery and changing vista. Between Miena and Cramps I came across a stretch of land filled with the most amazing dead trees. I could have spent a whole day wandering around looking and photographing but in the end decided to be content with just over half an hour.

From there I drove through to Poatina where I stopped in for lunch and a look around. It was very quiet and looked like hardly anybody was around. Saw some nice photography in one of the coffee shops and after having a bite to eat and a read of a few chapters of my book in the sun I headed off again.

Stopped for a few photos on the way through, a field of Canola looking plants held some promise, and eventually I found myself not far from Brickendon Estate - an old convict settlement that is now Heritage listed and was on my list of things to maybe look at. I called in and chatted to the lady there and decided to go back later. The light was not ideal for photography given the time of day so I moved on and will go back later as it is only about 50 km from where I am staying in Lilydale.

Got back to the house and unpacked the car to a degree and then had a shower and started sorting photos and copying a stack of files to my backup drives etc. By the time that was all done and I had sorted photos from today Shane and Michelle were home from their day out. Went down and talked to them about my time away and had another yummy tea prepared by Shane. We spent the evening chatting and looking at a few photos before it was time to head off and write todays blog and post it before going to bed.

Tomorrow I will head off in the morning back to Brickendon and then off to a museum / art gallery in Launceston that Shane and Michelle told me about. Apparently at the moment it holds an exhibition of National Geographic photography. They said it was incredible and thought I would really enjoy it so that should be another interesting thing to do. After that, who knows?

                                          Burbury Lake, early morning

                                                              Dead tree bonanza

                                                                       Dead tree 1

                                                                        Dead tree 2
                                            Dead tree 3 (Grunge effect, modified)

Dead tree 4
Canola crop?

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