Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Day 28 - 21st October

Lilydale to Launceston and return

Distance Travelled - 87 km

Woke up and was out of bed by about 8.30 am after a night of reasonable sleep, not waking the first time until 4.30 am. Had some breakfast and continued working through photos of the trip and sorting them in different categories for future use.

Around 9.30 am I made a few phone calls to sort stuff out and tee things up for the coming days and the trip to Cradle mountain and surrounds. Then it was off to Launceston to look into car servicing and chase up a few other things that I wanted to do.

Whilst in Launceston I organised the car to be serviced next Tuesday in preparation for the upcoming drive home, did some banking, went to the museum to look at photos again and got a haircut. Then came home and spent the rest of the day working on the computer and taking a few shots in the yard here.

Had a very nice spaghetti bolognaise for tea cooked by Shane and then chatted, watched TV and did computer stuff in the evening before returning to the flat to write the blog before going to bed. Tomorrow I need to do some washing and then do a bit of planning for the trip to Cradle Mountain starting Friday morning and generally have a bit of a lazy day.

                                   Photos from around the front yard at Shane and Michelle's


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