Friday, 16 October 2015

Day 23 - 16th August

Port Arthur to Gordon

Distance Travelled - 206 km

I eventually made the decision to sleep in the car and was very glad I did because although I did not get a lot of quality sleep I stayed dry which is more than what would have happened I think if I had slept in the tent. Several times during the night I was woken by the sound of rain coming down, quite heavily on a couple of occasions. The last time I woke was just before 5 am and then I could not get back to sleep again. The rain finally stopped just before half six and at 7 am I got out of the car and went for a walk with the camera. Nothing much photographically on show.

Came back and organised breakfast and then headed off to Port Arthur. I sat in the car and waited for 45 minutes for it to open and then walked through the doors promptly at 9 am. Paid my fee and got the info and headed off to see what it was all about. went on the guided tour / talk and was quite impressed with the performance. After that I had finished I wandered around by myself losing myself in the history of the place and the way it has been so well presented.

I spent some time photographing the ruins and hope that they come out ok. I think a couple will make good candidates for black and whites provided the actual photos are ok. It was quite eerie inside the Separate Prison where prisoners were kept and made to be totally silent except for sounds from their work for the duration of their sentence.

After being immersed in the place for 3 and a half hours I went and had some lunch and then went back and continued wandering about for another hour and a half. By that time my head was pretty much full and was struggling to take in any more so I decided to head off and start driving towards the ferry ready for tomorrow.

The drive through was ok and I stopped at a few places to look at visitor centres. I eventually got to Gordon where there is a camping site that is quite well set up right on the edge of the water. I set up the tent as it looks like it will be quite clear tonight and then sat and read for a little while before organising tea. After tea was done with it was time to start sorting photos and doing the blog. I am feeling really tired as I write this so some of the photos may have to wait until tomorrow.

It is about a 40 minute drive I would guess to the ferry tomorrow so it will be an early start as I would like to get the 6.30 am departure to get to the lighthouse as early in the morning as possible. Apparently it is about an hour and a quarter drive from ferry drop off point on the island to the lighthouse. After I have finished at the lighthouse I will see what else is around to do over there before heading back and finding a campsite for the night.

                                             Old church Port Arthur

                                                  Old church Port Arthur

          Stairs leading to chapel in Separate Prison - converted to black and white

                                                        Old hospital, Port Arthur

                                               Port Arthur Penitentiary, back view

                                          Port Arthur Penitentiary, front view

                                  Penitentiary Chimney Tower - converted to black and white

                                       Turret, guard building - converted to black and white

                               Turret, guard building, side view - converted to black and white

                               Turret, guard building, side view - converted with grunge effect

                                             Another lily - converted to black and white

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