Saturday, 17 October 2015

Day 24 - 17th October

Gordon to Bruny Island and return

Distance Travelled - 208.4 km

After a windy night with a lot less sleep than I had anticipated, and wanted, the alarm went off at a maddeningly early 5 am. I decided to forego an early breakfast and eat at a more reasonable later after getting to Bruny Island - it also meant an extra 15 minutes in bed. I eventually dragged myself out of bed at 5.15 am and commenced to pack away the tent even though it was a tad wet from the dew. I think the tiredness was kicking in as I did not feel 100% and was hoping for a smooth ferry ride.

Left the campsite at 5.30 am and drove through to Kettering and found the ferry terminal with issue and was first in the queue at 6 am. By 6.10 am a few other cars had rolled up and we were able to get our tickets at 6.20 am and we were boarded and underway just after 6.30 am. It is about a 15 minute trip over and the water was dead calm giving a nice foreground to the morning sunrise photo I took from the ferry.

Got off the ferry without incident although I was still feeling somewhat less than 100%. Drove to the lighthouse at Cape Bruny - at the very south end of the island. Took a couple of photos of the lighthouse and then went back to the car to try and have a little nap. Dozed on and off for a bit and finally came to at about 11.20 am. Headed off towards the other end of the island and stopped at a second hand shop run out of a shed. Nothing of interest but in turning around to go back to the shop (after driving past and then deciding to look in it) I did notice a sign above one of the letter boxes - strangely enough it rang a few bells -Bottomley.

Talked to the guy in the shop about it and he said that it was Ralph (I think) and he owned the shop and the property behind it. I told him of the coincidence of the name and suggested that it was probably no relation. He replied that maybe I would like to reconsider that fact as Ralph apparently is a multi-millionaire and it was suggested if I played my cards right that I could get some serious money. Unfortunately Ralph was not home when I drove past his house.

I called in at the Adventure Bay lookout and took a couple of photos of a nice looking beach before deciding that all I really wanted to do was get back to camp and rest up. Drove to the ferry terminal and waited for the ferry to arrive. The wind had been blowing from the time I got to the lighthouse and the water was looking a bit choppy so I swallowed a couple of tablets and waited the 45 minuted for the ferry to arrive.

Got back without feeling any worse and went to the campsite via Maccas to post my blog from the car park. When I got to camp I set up and did my photos before laying down for a bit. Didn't really sleep but felt a bit better when I got up. Had tea and then wrote the blog planning for an early night and hopefully a bit of a sleep-in tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will head back to Hobart and look at a few things there before heading off to find Mt Field National Park and camp somewhere near there for the night.

                                                       Sunrise from the ferry

                                                         Cape Bruny lighthouse

                                                       Adventure Bay from the lookout

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