Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Day 34 - 27th October

Lilydale to Cataract Gorge and return

Distance Travelled - 67 km

Woke up unexpectedly at about 4.45am and could not get back to sleep so at 6 am I was up and about in the front yard trying to get photos of the rabbits that frequent the place. I was mostly unsuccessful. Traipsed back up the stairs and had breakfast followed by getting ready to leave for town and left shortly after half seven, driving into Launceston to get the car serviced.

Had the car dropped off and sorted just after 8 am and then walked the 2.5 km to Cataract Gorge. Despite the cool morning I was quite warm after the walk as a significant part of it was uphill. Upon reaching the gorge I was fortunate enough to come across the peacock again who put on another wonderful display of his feathers. He also spent some time sitting on the railing and calling out to anyone who would listen. I tried to get a photo of him calling out, capturing the steam that was evident around his mouth but could not get it.

After spending half an hour or so with him I trundled off around the gardens looking for things to photograph before deciding to just sit on the one of the benches and enjoy the sun. Spoke to a few people as they came and went on their outings and eventually left the gorge about 2 hours after arriving.

Walked back into town and around the shops for a while and then grabbed some lunch. During the time at the gorge I had been notified by the people servicing the car that there was significant other work needing to be done - brakes, tyres, battery. I gave them an extra hour on what they had said for the service and as the place I was dining at for lunch was only about 2 doors down from the service centre I decided to call in and see how they were going. As I walked in they were taking it for the test drive so about 5 minutes later it was all paid for and I was in my way.

Called in to a few more shops and got a book to read for the next part of the trip and then quickly called back to Lilydale Falls in the hope something amazingly photogenic had appeared overnight - not to be. Came back to Michelle and Shane's and after sorting out a few things spent time talking to Shane. Michelle came home and we chatted for a while before enjoying another delightful dinner - burgers tonight - cooked by Shane.

After dinner Shane and I spent time copying documentaries and movies from his computer to one of my drives and he demolished me at Foozball. Then it was time to say our goodbyes. Michelle will have left for work before I get up probably and Shane works during the night so I will have left in the morning before he gets up. It was been an amazing time here and I am very blessed to have friends like Michelle and Shane. Even though we haven't seen each other for quite a few years it didn't seem like anything had really changed at all. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself here and look forward to the next trip back.

Tomorrow it is off to Devonport where I board the ferry late afternoon and travel to Melbourne overnight. Then it is off to find a campsite and some bush photography before catching up with Lindsay, Heather and my cousin Deanne on Saturday night.

                                                              Peacock feathers close up

                                                     The peacock strutting his stuff

                                                    Peacock close up

                                                                  Peacock close up

                                                                  Peacock close up

                                                              Peacock on the railing

                                                   Pink flower on the way to the gorge

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