Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Day 21 - 14th October

Coles Bay (Freycinet National Park) to Triabunna

Distance Travelled - 172.4 km

Woke at about 6.30 am to the lovely sounds of different birds singing their greeting to the morning light but decided to stay in bed a little longer. Finally got out of bed at 7 am and, camera in hand, went for a walk to see what was about. Despite the earlyish hour and the promise of kangaroos and wildlife around dawn and dusk there was very little to see or photograph. Wandered for about half and hour and then came back to camp.

There had been a very heavy dew last night and the tent fly was quite wet with a little bit of seepage through to the tent so I had breakfast and sat down to read and wait for the sun to dry things out. Whilst it was quite light daylight saving helped keep the sting out of the sun so it took a while for the dew to be dried off sufficiently for the fly to be packed away. Then I had to wait for the base of the tent - the stretcher, to dry out as well. All this waiting was put to good use as I sat and soaked up some early sun as I relaxed and read my book, looking up occasionally in the hope that some amazing animal would present itself for photographing. Unfortunately, they declined.

By 10 am everything was packed away and I was ready to go. I drove back to the park information centre and talked to them about the lighthouse in Triabunna but they could not help me at all. Wineglass Bay beckoned for a photo even though I knew it was completely the wrong time given the light but decided to try anyway.

Leaving Freycinet behind I enjoyed the not so spectacular drive through to Swansea where I got out and went for a bit of a walk to the visitor centre and got a new fuse for the car from the service station. The lady at the info centre gave me a brochure in regards to my questions about the Triabunna lighthouse. She said the people who own the property it is on run tours over their farm, including a visit to the lighthouse for a fee. I took the information and headed on towards Triabunna.

Upon arriving here I went to the visitor centre and talked to them. The lady here suggested I call the number and talk to the owners as they have been known in the past to let the occasional person go out to the lighthouse without being on the tour. Having looked through the centre some more I went to the pub to sort out accommodation for the night. They have a free camping section out the back so I went and parked and had lunch before ringing the lighthouse people. Unfortunately no answer.

I sat and read for a while before going on a little drive to see what else might be around, coming back fairly uninspired. I rang the number again and got through but unfortunately they were out but said they would ring back later. A hundred and twenty pages or so later, the phone rang and the outcome was I was on my way to see the lighthouse. It was only about a four minute drive to the meeting point at the farm gate and upon arrival I was greeted quite warmly. We chatted for a few minutes before I was told to follow the rough track this way and that until it met the dirt and rock road and then follow that to the lighthouse making sure to leave gates as I found them.

The drive to the lighthouse was not long and whilst not the most magnificent of structures it certainly had a nice backdrop. I took a few photos and then returned back to camp. I spent the rest of the day reading, walking with my camera and relaxing while the sun charged the fridge battery via the solar panel until it was time for tea.

After tea it was time to write the blog and sort photos and plan for tomorrow. The aim for tomorrow is to head to Hobart and look at a few things there before starting off towards Bruny Island and Port Arthur. Not sure how far past Hobart I will get as lots will depend on the dew level tonight and how long it takes to see things in Hobart tomorrow.

                                                               Wineglass Bay

                                                      Point Home Lookout Lighthouse

                                                        Point Home Lookout Lighthouse

                                                         Point Home Lookout Lighthouse

                                                  Point Home Lookout Lighthouse

                                                   Birds at tonight's campsite

                                                 Birds at tonight's campsite

                                        Another purple flower I found near the campsite

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