Friday, 29 May 2015

Day 47 - 29th May

King's Canyon to Desert Oaks campsite

Distance Travelled - 319 km

Woke up lateish -7 am - to the smell of bacon and eggs being cooked by Kim and Leanne, the campers next to me. Got out of bed and on the way to the tap to get water to boil for coffee, Kim told me not to bother as they had just boiled the kettle and cooked bacon and eggs and wanted me to join them for breakfast.

After a delicious breakfast of a bacon and egg toasted sandwich and a cup of coffee, along with a nice chat, it was time to pack away and head off. I drove out to King's Canyon and started the Rim Walk by 8.30 am. The sign says to allow 4 hours for the 6 km walk and given other walks in the area I thought I might be finished a little earlier.

The first 100 m involves climbing about 434 steps at quite a steep angle and then continues on, gradually climbing. By the end of the walk I think there is about 1000 up steps to traverse and about 400 down. The walk was amazing and in particular I enjoyed the Garden of Eden section where the near permanent water hole is and lush palms and trees grow, it was very pretty and photos just can't capture the beauty that is there.

There are wondrous stone features to see where the rock has been eroded and every stage of the walk bought something different to see. By the end of walk, including rests and photographic time, I had spent close to 4 hours getting back to the car park. I was more tired than I have been on the rest of the trip.

After a short rest in the car park to post the most recent of the photos and blog that I had, I started the drive back towards Alice Springs. Got as far as the Desert Oaks roadside campsite and decided to call it quits and the tiredness was creeping up and it was starting to get towards sunset.

Made camp, had a coffee and went to bed, asleep by 8 pm at the latest.

                                                        Rock dome on the Rim Walk

                                                 View of the canyon from the north wall

                                                View of the canyon from the south wall

                                                       Garden of Eden with creek bed

                                                       Garden of Eden with water pool

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