Monday, 18 May 2015

Day 36 - 18th May

Alice Springs

Distance Travelled - 130.5 km

Woke up around 6 am and spent the morning just slowly getting ready for the day in town. Had breakfast, packed away, read for a while and then finally wandered off about 9 am.

After successfully finding the auto electrician and getting fuses, took the Engel, batt-pack and lead to the Engel dealer and left it with him to sort the problem. Went into the main mall and looked around for a while then went off in search of the Subaru dealer. According to them the next service isn't due for another 5500 km so that was good news. Went looking in a few book shops and other places whilst waiting for the Engel dealer to get back to me. Around lunchtime I went back to the dealer only to find that he couldn't find anything wrong. He had plugged the lead into a cigarette outlet and into the battery then run the Engel off the battery and no issues at all. This suggests that the problem is with the cigarette outlet in the car. Went back to the auto electrician and they couldn't do anything today but it is booked in for 8 am tomorrow. We will wait and see.

Visited the old telegraph station ($9.50 entry fee thank you very much) and did a little photography on the way back to the campsite to be greeted by a dazzling red sunset.

Tomorrow I will waste some time in town while the sparky looks at the car and then make decisions from there in regards to travel over the next day or so.
                                                 Old Telegraph Station - Alice Springs

Location of the original Alice Springs site
It was thought this was a natural spring site but turned out not to be.
Sunset at camp

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