Friday, 15 May 2015

Day 33 - 15th May

Coober Pedy

Distance Travelled - 4.6 km

Obviously needed to catch up on sleep as I managed to sleep in until 7.30 am and then turned over and kipped until just before 8.30 am. Got up, had some breakfast and packed away before heading off just before 11 am.

Discovered yesterday the back cigarette lighter has stopped working, making it difficult to keep the Batt Pack for the Engel charged so today I went off in search of an auto electrician. Found one located towards the far end of town and after describing to him the problem, the fun started. After tearing half of the car apart, we found where the cable went and discovered a blown 25 amp fuse. We replaced it with a 15 amp fuse which blew straight away when the charger was put in so we tried a 30 amp fuse which lasted. The trouble however, is that the 30 amp fuse is too big and the sparky thinks it could cause problems and he didn't have any 25 amp fuses. We think there might be a problem with either the lead that charges the battery or the battery itself so I need to wait until I get to Alice Springs to sort that out.

By the time we had put everything back together and repacked the car it was almost 1.30 pm. Surprisingly I was only charged $50 for the 2 and bit hours and the fuse. Went to the visitor centre to post the blog only to find that the internet service on their computers does not allow usb drives to be used. Grabbed a pastie for lunch and headed back to the caravan park to book in again for tonight so I can make sure everything is charged as much as possible in regards to the Engel so that I can travel to Alice with an overnight stay in between.

Spent the rest of the day washing and drying clothes, rearranging the car slightly, organising internet access at the caravan park, posting my blog and reading before cooking tea and writing todays blog. I think another early night might be in store before heading off towards Alice tomorrow. Only took a few photos of the sunset at the caravan park today so not much to show.
Caravan Park at sunset
                                                             Sunset from the caravan park

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