Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Day 23  - 5th May

Port Pirie to Quorn

Distance Travelled - 196.2

Woke up early after got getting much sleep due to heavy winds and some rain making loud noises in and around the camp kitchen. Stayed in bed for as long as I could before eventually staggering out at 8 am. Cooked some bacon for a bacon and cheese wrap brekky and then packed away after a shower. Headed into town and got a haircut - surprisingly cheap at $15 - along with a boatload of information and suggestions from the hairdresser about what to look at, where to go and what to do on my travels. That part of the morning made up for the crummy caravan park.

Went to the Coles in town and finally found the milk portions I have been looking for (thanks for the research and tips in your text Aunty Jan) and bought a stack of them. Went to the library to post my blog and eventually headed out of town about 10.30 am. Drove to Port Germain where I found a surprise lighthouse not on the list I had, then Melrose and Wilmington and finally Quorn stopping in each town to have a squiz at interesting things and the occasional chat. The Wilmington toy museum was unbelievable - so much stuff collected by one man - WOW! The old brewery at Melrose was rather impressive and some of the old buildings in Craddock on the way to Quorn were good to look at too.   

Looked for a place to stay on the road between Wilmington and Quorn but found nothing so ended up at the caravan park in Quorn - what a difference to last night: Beautiful grounds, a camp kitchen with fridge, microwave, kettle, tables and chairs, working bbq - utensils supplied, toasters, working power points high chair kitchen sink for dishes just across the way and all for $6 less than last night!

Parked the car and went for a quick walk around town and then came back, cooked tea and ate it whilst looking at the moon rise. Then spent time writing the blog and dealing with photos before reading and going to bed. Tomorrow I will travel further into the Flinders Ranges - not sure how far or where to I will just wait and see what happens.
PS As I post this blog this morning I have discovered the cord to my laptop is cactus and I can't charge my computer so until I get it sorted new photos on the blog will be non-existent.
                                           Port Germain Lighthouse after relocation in 1975

Old Jacka's Brewery at Melrose
                                                              Old building in Craddock

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