Sunday, 3 May 2015

 Day 21 - May 3rd

Corny Point to Wallaroo

Distance Traveled - 217.4 km

Woke up, mysteriously again, at 5.1 0am so lounged around before getting up at 6 am to the sight of first light on horizon. Went and set up for some photos of the lighthouse in the soft sunrise light. "Worked" through until about 7.30 am when things started to wash out a bit so went back to the car and read for a while. Started packing up as some rain appeared to be on its way and left just after 9 am as the first few drops started to fall.

Drove through to Minlaton where I revisited the visitor centre to post blog entries for the last few days and to visit the bakery which was unfortunately closed on Sundays. Continued the drive through to Wallaroo and went to the Nautical and History Museum / Information Centre but they could not tell me too much about the lighthouse at Warbuto Point. Finally an elderly local came in and he told me how to get there but that it wasn't much to look at. Tipara reef lighthouse has been dismantled and the lantern stand and pole are at the front of the museum, hence the confusion in yesterdays post. 

Went out to the Warburto Point Lighthouse which certainly confirmed what I was told (as you can see from the photo) and then came back to town. The people at the info centre were interested in a copy of the lighthouse photo as they did not have one on their records so gave them one, chatted for a while and left after having a quick squiz through their museum. Saw a lovely Brass Fireman's Helmet circa 1912 in the museum but they were not interested in parting with it as a trade for the photo (oh well, I tried).

Left the museum and found a freebie camp spot to park up at for the night. After that went to the foreshore for a nice fish and chips tea before heading back to camp for the night. Will travel to Port Pirie tomorrow and find a shower and somewhere to stay, possibly a caravan park and then do a few jobs in the town to finalise preparations for venturing into the Flinders Ranges later in the week.

                                            Corny Point Lighthouse - first light shot

                                               Corny Point Lighthouse - sunrise shot

                                                           Warburto Point Lighthouse

                                                     The old Tipara Reef stand and light

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