Sunday, 17 May 2015

Day 34 - 16th May

Coober Pedy to Desert Oaks Rest Area

Distance Travelled - 539 . 3 km

Woke up at 5.30 am and went back to sleep until 6.30 am and then listened to music until 7 am before finally succumbing to the need to get up and get moving. Showered, cooked bacon and egg sandwiches for breakfast and packed, leaving the caravan park by 9 am. Drove around town and took a few photos before going to the community bazaar at the local oval (which opened at 8 am and by 10 am there were still only 4 stalls opened with lots of other empty tents) and then headed off.

The drive was terribly uninteresting, going up the main highway with not a lot to see. Very much reminded me of many stages of the drive from Southern Cross to Coolgardie. Didn't really even stop for any photography. Stopped at Marla - the last town in South Australia - and at the S.A / N.T border and again at Kulgera - the first town in the Northern Territory - each for a quick stretch and then on again. Stopped at Erldunda to send a message or two and then kept going to the parking bay about 167 km south of Alice which allows overnight camping.

On arrival was a little surprised at the number of caravans here - about 30 - all set up for the night. Found a spot to squeeze in and made a yummy Thai Green Curry with chicken, peas, corn, capsicum and noodles for tea. After tea spoke to Brad and Joy from Qld about their trip and their photography and then used their fire for some photos shops after they went to bed about 7.30 pm. Finished my photography, wrote the blog and sorted photos before heading to bed.

Tomorrow I will drove to Alice Springs (hopefully with some photography on the way) and camp there the night. Monday morning I will hit the shops to try and get the cigarette lighter / batt-pack problem sorted and then work out what happens from there. Uluru and Ormiston Gorge are definitely on the cards but what else is yet to be seen.

                                                                Stuart Pea -  Coober Pedy

                        Stained glass windows in the Serbian underground church - Coober Pedy

                                              Dunes of dirt, the by-product of opal mining

                                                     An eagle on the way to Desert Oaks

                                                     Northern Territory Border Sign

                                                             Milky Way by campfire

Day 35 - 17th May

Desert Oaks to Alice Springs

Distance Travelled - 276 km

Woke up to a very cold morning, others at the campsite think it hit 0 degrees last night. At 7.30 am when I finally got out of bed after being awake for quite some time the car said it was 3 degrees. Whilst waiting for things to dry I went for a walk, talked to Brad and Joy again and eventually after a coffee and some reading left at about 9.30 am.

Brad and Joy showed me a photo they had taken yesterday of an eagle sitting on a dead kangaroo. They said it was about 10 km towards Alice form the campsite and described the location in reference to a bore with solar panels etc. Decided there was no rush to get to Alice and that I could probably spend a few hours waiting for the eagles to feed if they were not there when I went passed. Well, found everything they had described except the kangaroo. Took a few photos of eagles in some trees but nowhere to be seen was the kangaroo. Drove back and forwards a few times but to no avail. Finally gave up and continued towards Alice.

The rest of the drive was very uninteresting, much the same as yesterday. Got to Alice about 1 pm and had a quick look through town and the tourist centre before continuing out of town toward Darwin for about 25 km to the next campsite. Spent time reading, listening to music and going for a walk before cooking tea and then heading back towards town to get phone reception.

Got back to camp, set up the tent and started to plan for tomorrow. I will try and get a few things sorted with the car - it is nearly due for its next service, and I need to rectify the problem with the batt-pack, lead or cigarette lighter and a few other little things.

One of the eagles I spotted
                                         Tropic of Capricorn Sculpture at the overnight rest stop

                                                           Tropic of Capricorn Marker

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