Monday, 4 May 2015

Day 22 - 4th May
 Wallaroo to Port Pirie
Distance Traveled – 154.3 km
Woke up at 4.50 am to my disgust and rolled back over and managed to fall asleep again after a bit and finally awoke at 7 am. Stayed in bed and listened to music for a while before getting up and packing away etc. Finally left camp at about 9.30 am. Went into town to look through a few shops that were closed yesterday and left about 10.45 am, travelling to Kadina and then on to Port Pirie.
It was a very windy day with lots of dust coming off the empty paddocks as I drove through some of the farming country. I could feel the car getting buffeted around as the wind blew across the road. Eventually got to Port Pirie having seen nothing of interest to photograph. Went to the info centre and found a caravan park to stay at. I decided it was time I had a shower and thought using a BBQ rather than my camp stove may be a novel thing to do.
Booked in and went and had a shower (about the only good thing this place has to offer). I hooked up the Engel to the power at the site for a while and then went to town to look at what was around. Came back early evening after taking some photos of the sunset and then realised the mistake of choosing this place. Had a chop and sausages out for tea but both BBQ's at the park don't work, which the manager said she should of told me when I booked in when I went to see her about it, so it was back to using the camp stove. There are no other facilities (like a sink) in the camp kitchen so washing the dishes was not possible. I then decided to sit and write my blog using the rocky, wooden table in the camp kitchen because I could hook the computer up to the power points in there as the computer battery was nearly flat but alas neither of the power points in the camp kitchen worked either so that idea went out of the window as well.
It is still very windy and there is a possibility of rain tonight or tomorrow morning so I might make the camp kitchen useful for something and set the tent up under cover to try and keep it dry. Tomorrow will be spent driving towards Port Germain and then on towards the Flinders Ranges.

                                                               Sunset at Port Pirie 1
                                                                     Sunset at Port Pirie 2

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