Thursday, 28 May 2015

Day 46 - 28th May

Uluru to King's Canyon

Distance Travelled - 315.4 km

Woke up at 5.30 am to the feeling of a slightly wet tent near my feet. Ignored this and went back to sleep, finally getting out of bed at 7.30 am. It appears that there was enough rain last night to make a significant pool on top of the tent and as it came into contact with the flywire inner it has slowly dripped through. The inside of the tent and sleeping bags were not significantly wet which was good.

Dried off the tent fly as wellas I could with my towel and packed in in a plastic bag and stashed it in the pod on the roof and let the tent dry for as long as I could. The sleeping bags got stretched across the back of the car to dry off as I drove. Talke dot a coule of the neighbours as most of us were packing up to leave and did some reading before doing the final pack at about 10 o'clock and had left by 10.15 am.

Paid $1.993 per litre for a small amount of fuel and headed off towards King's Canyon. The drive was not particularly inspiring and I was quite relieved to reach the canyon at about 1.30 pm. Did the small 2.6 km creek walk which was quite pretty. Was astounded to find free wi-fi (a tourism initiative) at the canyon so made use of it and post the last 4 days worth of blog. Left the canyon and headed to the KIng's Canyon Resort, the resting place for tonight.

Was concerned about the price for tonight - had heard reports of up to $50 for a night but was relieved to find an unpowered, grassed sight for $20 per night, per person. Found a spot to camp and was almost immediately invited in for a coffee by the next door campers. Sat and chatted for a while before deciding to be totally decadent and going to the pub for a pizza dinner, which turned out to be very nice.

Spent the evening reading, writing and sorting the few photos from today. Tomorrow I will go and do the rim walk in the morning (the sign says alow 4 hours for the 6 km walk and seeing as the first part is about 100 m of very steep steps I think it could be a little tiring. After the walk I will head back towards Alice and see how far I get before I am to tired. If need be will find a roadside camping spot and then mosey into Alice on Saturday.
Uluru with rain clouds from the other day, forgot to post yesterday

                                                          Boulder from King's Canyon

                                                   View from creek walk, King's Canyon

                                               Dry creek bed, creek walk, King's Canyon

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