Friday, 8 May 2015

Day 26 - 8th May

Kanyaka Ruins to Hawker and Return

Distance Travelled - 81.4 km

The cloud from last night stayed through until this morning making sunrise photography nonviable. Waited for stuff to dry out from the dew and condensation and then packed and moved off towards Hawker. On the way found some interesting ruins and cemetery at Wilson and then continued on into Hawker.

Once in Hawker I visited the small visitor centre hosted at the local service station and went to the post office to use the bank. Headed off to the local school where internet access can be gained at the school library, posted the blog, checked emails and then had a nice hamburger at the Sightseerers Cafe before  finally heading off to visit the Jarvis Hill Lookout. The view is quite magnificent but does require a walk (more like scramble) along a track and over rocks for 250 m whilst climbing 65 m.

Whilst at the lookout I met Ron and Donna from South Australia who invited me back to the caravan park they were staying at for a drink, a look at their helicopter type machine they mount a camera on to do aerial photos and, perhaps most importantly, to use thier power to charge up computers and batteries etc. Spent an hour or so there before coming back to the ruins for more photography tonight, in what looks look like cloudless conditions.

Tomorrow I plan to visit Craddock, go to the Yourambulla Caves which I didn't get to today and then back to Hawker and beyond.

Kanyaka Ruins Woolshed

Wilson Stationmaster's Residence

Jarvis Hill Lookout

Kanyaka Ruins from entry road

                                                              Kanyaka Ruins at Night

Kanyaka Ruins at night

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