Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Day 37 - 19th May

Alice Springs

Distance Travelled - 64.2 km

After getting the sparky at 8 am waited for a while until they were ready to sort the car and after about half an hour they came up with the answer that there is nothing wrong with the cigarette socket. Final discussions decided that the problem was with the plug hitting the edge of the socket on the battery and causing the short. So by only unplugging the cigarette end we should be alright.

Leaving the sparky did a little bit of shopping and then went back to the campsite just after lunch. Spent the afternoon reading and chatting to a few different people as they turned up to camp for the night.

Very little photography today except for a few sunset shots, nowhere near as good a sunset as yesterday. Tomorrow I will go in to town and see about permits etc for Uluru and Ormiston Gorge and then sort plans for the next day or so.

                                                  Another nice sunset in Alice Springs

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