Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Day 29 - 11th May

Wilpena to Farina

Distance Travelled - 354.5 km

Woke up and was on the move within about 5 minutes, driving down the road towards Blinman by 6.30 am after a reasonable and better than expected sleep in the car. On the way went to the Appealinna ruins where you read of the greed that caused issues between mining companies and pastoralists mainly over water sources and the greed of government that sided with the niners as they were likely to get more money from them. It eventually got to the point where the govermant had the pastoral lease redrawn to remove one of , if not the, major water source and place it in mining lease area to give them the rights to the water. It's good to see some things have not changed much in government circles in the last couple of hundred years.

After that drove through Brachina Gorge (there and back) and rocky but beautiful drive with some spectacular scenery not easily caught on camera due to heavy mist, light rain and poor light, but amazing viewing for the eyes.

Coming out of Brachina Gorge and back to the sealed road headed up to Blinman including lookng at the Great Wall Of China outcrop and some old buildings on the way into Blinman. Took a few photos in Blinman of old buildings that unfortuately had very modern plastic furniture splashed about them, detracting from the authenticity of the 'old' part.

Leaving Blinman, the road took me through Parachilna Gorge and onto Parachilna and the Prarie Hotel where I stopped for a Coke and to sort photos whilst I could use their electricity. A very busy country pub with I would guess 40 + peopel arriving for coffee or lunch in the hour or so I was there.

From Parachilna I drove to Leigh Creek where I could post my blog and then to Lyndhurst and eventually on to Farina. WOW!! Farina deserves 2 exclamation marks. It is an lod railway town with a stack of ruins. I had planned to do some late afternoon and perhaps some night photography and then sunrise photos as well but seeing this placeI may need to stay for more than one night to really give credit to the photography that could be done. I can envisage a photography camp / tour where we would be posted here for a week and still find things to do after that.

Depending on how I go the plan for the next few days is Farina to Marree to William Creek one day and an attempt to see Lake Eyre and then William Creek to Coober Pedy.

                                                       Roads leading to the hills

                              Old car and 'new' Police station - Farina Ruins - afternoon light

                                                    Old car with star trail - Farina Ruins

                                                       Milky Way from Farina Ruins
Day 30 - 12th May


Distance Travelled - 0 km

Woke up to a glorious sunrise and headed off to the township (about a 1 km walk) to do some photography. Spent a couple of hours wandering around, marvelling at what was in the township, what has been restored and contemplating the hardships the early settlers of this town must have faced.

Upon returning to camp I made the decision to stay for an extra day. I spent most of it reading, walking around "the sights", listening to music or downloading and sorting photos.

Went out after tea and did some more photography before gettingready for bed about 10.30 pm. The agenda for tomorrow includes sunrise photos and then on to Marree and possibly beyond.

                                                                  Sunrise at Farina

                                                        Exchange Hotel, Farina Ruins

                                 Old car and 'new' Police station - Farina Ruins - morning light

These little birds kept coming to the mirror and then after just a few seconds would fly away again.

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