Thursday, 14 May 2015

Day 31 - 13th May

Farina to William Creek and Lake Eyre

Distance Travelled - 340 km

Woke up to a somewhat muted sunrise compared to yesterday but diligently went off and took some more photos. Came back about an hour or so later and enjoyed a cup of coffee and a read of my book while waiting for things to dry so I could pack. Eventually got around to packing and left Farina about 10 am.

Drove on the Oodnadatta track (very rocky and somewhat corrugated) to Marree where I was able to access the internet and post the last blog. Left Marree and headed toward William Creek and Lake Eyre. About 160 km from William Creek got a bit of a puncture but was able to get to William Creek by stopping every 40 km to pump up the tyre.

On the way through came to a sculpture park with some interesting sculptures. Whilst pumping up the tyre a couple of blokes, Dave and Jeff, stopped to see if everything was ok. Told them what I was intending to do and they said they were going to William Creek as well and if I was not there in 3 hours they would come back to find me. Got to William Creek ok and after paying my $70 and removing the wheel myself, had the puncture fixed and I was able to put the wheel back on. Apparently there insurance does not cover them removing and replacing the wheel. Left there and drove the 70 km out to the edge of Lake Eyre north just in time to see the sun set and meet up with Dave and Jeff.

Did a bit of photography, ate some tea, did some more photography and went to bed.

                                             Old Afghan Cameleers Mosque in Marree

One of the sculptures in the sculpture park - Oodnadatta Track between Marree and William Creek
Jeff (photographer) and Dave (seated) on Lake Eyre
                                                                Lake Eyre panorama
Sunset glow with stars, Lake Eyre
Camping under the Milky Way, Lake Eyre (Dave and Jeff's site)
Day 32 - 14th May

Lake Eyre to Coober Pedy

Distance Travelled - 247 km

Woke up at stupid o'clock (4.45 am), pack up and left the campsite to drive back to town in time for a 6.30 am departure scenic flight over Lake Eyre. On the trip back in spotted 12 rabbits, 1 dingo, and 1 small mouse type creature quickly scurrying across the track and 1 very large - get out of my way - attitudinal looking bull lumbering across the road. Successfully negotiated them all and got back to the hotel ok.

The flight was an amazing experience, getting to appreciate more fully the vastness that is Lake Eyre. There was still some water in the Warburton River that empties into Lake Eyre but the lake itself was basically dry. Spotted several flocks of pelicans (about 100 - 200 per flock) in the river as well as other birds - mainly terns, cormorants, ducks and gulls.

Got back from the flight and drove to Coober Pedy over a much nicer road than the Oodnadatta Track. Booked into the caravan park and then walked through town for a couple of hours looking at lots of very expensive but pretty opals.

Got back reasonably tired so had a shower and tea and headed to bed by 9 pm.
                                              Dawn shot of our plane for the scenic flight

                                                                Island in Lake Eyre

                                                                    Lake Eyre vista

                                   Pelicans in the Warburton river as it empties into Lake Eyre

                                       Old truck on the William Creek to Coober Pedy road

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