Monday, 20 July 2015

Day 99 - 20th July

Bermagui to Scrubby Creek Forest Campsite (near Green Cape)

Distance Travelled - 196.9 km

Got up early this morning (5.45 am) to try and be packed up and away before anyone came through for the bus. Not sure if it is normal bus stop or one for coaches doing longer trips up and down the coast. All I know is it kept my tent dry and dew free last night which was good. Succeeded in getting away before 6 am without anyone coming by which was good.

Drove back to Camel Rock to wait for the sun to rise. First light was already happening when I got there so I went down to the beach and started taking some photos from both sides of the rock. The reverse side looks so different as you can't get the same angle. Looking at the pictures you would think they are of two different rocks.  Was happyish with the shots I got (as they looked on the camera screen) and after the sun had risen enough to pale out a cloudless sky I went back to the car for cereal and coffee.

After finishing breakfast I read for a while to pass some time as I was waiting to visit the Information Centre which doesn't open until 10 am. I thought I read yesterday that it opened at 9.30 am but when I got there just on 9.30 I found out it was the library in the same building that opens then and the centre opens at 10 am. Went for  a walk through town and got back to the info centre just after 10 am. I think the lady in the centre needed to catch up the quota of brochures or pamphlets being handed out, maybe because they were closed yesterday due to lack of volunteers, because I walked out somehow having been given about 9 different bits of paper.

Left Bermagui and headed for Green Cape and the lighthouse. Stopped in at Eden on the way and got more precise directions as well as a photo of a lighthouse at the Killer Whale Museum. Apparently the volunteers who run the museum built the lighthouse as their millennium project. It has used the old steps from the Gabo Island lighthouse (in Victoria) and the lens form another lighthouse that was refurbished but the lady at the museum I talked to about it couldn't remember which one. Apparently it lights up at night but flashes EDEN in morse code so as not cause issues with shipping in the area.

Left there and headed out to Green Cape. Along the way went to Bittagabee Bay which is where the ruins of the Green Cape Lighthouse Stores are. When the lighthouse was getting built, food and building supplies were shipped into that bay and then taken by horse draw rail carts up to the lighthouse location. Not much in the way of ruins and I could not find any others although I was told there are apparently some old Portugese ruins out there somewhere.

Left there and headed out to the lighthouse. This lighthouse is no longer used either and they have replaced it with another gaudy metal tower and solar powered, automated beacon. There is a huge array of solar panels near the lighthouse as well that is used to supply power to the lighthouse keepers cottages that are used as tourist accommodation for an exorbitant fee (about $280 a night from memory). I spent time alternating between taking photos and reading in the car, waiting for different lighting to occur as the sun sank lower. Once again I was happy with the look of the shots on the camera screen and hopefully they will be ok once transferred to computer.

Eventually left there after the sun had finished changing the skyline colours and went and found a place for the night. Scrubby Creek Forest campsite is a state forest campsite set up with tables and fire rings and toilets. It seems like a good place to stay. Several other people were at the camp when I got there which is always a good sign. Set up, cooked tea and then settled in to write the blog, sort photos and listen to a bit of music before going to bed. Tomorrow I will start the journey into Victoria and head towards Point Hicks, the first of the viewable lighthouses in Victoria.

                                                            Camel Rock, sunrise

                                         Camel Rock, reverse angle, early morning

                                            Camel Rock, reverse angle, early morning

                                          Camel Rock, reverse angle, early morning

                                               Lighthouse in Eden at Killer Whale Museum

                                                     Letter boxes seen on the drive

                                             Ruins of Green Cape Lighthouse Stores

                                                            Green Cape Lighthouse

                                                            Green Cape Lighthouse

                                                              Green Cape Lighthouse

                                             New, grotesque lighthouse at Green Cape

                           Visually displeasing solar panels used to power lighthouse cottages

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