Monday, 13 July 2015

Day 92 - 13th July

Ulladulla to Braidwood

Distance Travelled - 140.6 km

The sound of rain woke me at about 5.30 am and I turned over to go back to sleep happy in the knowledge that I was undercover and the tent was not getting wet. Re-awoke and got out of bed by 7.30 am. Had breakfast in clearing skies and packed away the tent, just slightly damp on the stretcher from condensation. Little wind and cold conditions were not going to help dry the stretcher out.

Drove back down to the lighthouse and took a few more photos and then headed off to the shops to get supplies for the next couple of days. Walked around town for a while waiting for the Visitor Information Centre to open at 10 am. Looked through a couple of op shops and second hand / antique shops but found nothing of interest and eventually ended up at the information centre.

Got a few ideas about things to do and some information about the lighthouse near Bateman's Bay and then headed off on my drive towards Canberra. Most of the drive was quite relaxing, through nice looking country and not too much in the way of traffic. Stopped to take a few pictures of dead trees on the way and got to Braidwood about 1 pm.

Wandered through town and had a somewhat disappointing lunch from the bakery there. With cold winds blowing through and a walk along the town streets beckoning, I decided to have a meat pie for lunch. Having ordered a beef pie I bit into it to discover it was minced meat rather than chunks of meat, not at all what I was expecting. It didn't taste too bad but not really what I was after. Wandered through town and got a few ideas for things to do in Canberra or see on the way and then got back in the car ready to head off.

The camp site for the night is only about 14 km north of Braidwood so it was a nice early finish today. Got the tent out and set it up in sunny, if not terribly warm, conditions and sat in the car and read for a while as the tent dried out in the sun and a light wind that had developed. After half an hour of reading, I went for a walk around the camp area and down to the nearby river for about 40 minutes before coming back and having a coffee and reading for a while longer. Made some phone calls and had tea as darkness descended around 5.30 pm.

After tea I spent time reading, writing the blog, sorting the few photos I had taken today and listening to music before getting ready for bed. Tomorrow I will go into Canberra via a very good wood gallery (or so I am led to believe by people at various info centres) in Bungendore. Once in Canberra I want to spend time at the war memorial, national museum, national gallery, Canberra Glassworks and assorted antique shops and wood galleries where available. That should keep me busy for a few days before heading out again back to Bateman's Bay and down the coast into Victoria.      

                                                   Warden Head Lighthouse, morning shot

                                                               Dead tree near Ulladulla

                                                             Dead tree near Ulladulla

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