Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Day 87 - 8th July

Barenjoey to Sydney City and surrounds

Distance Travelled - 219.7 km

Woke with the happy thought of not having to wait for things to dry as I was under cover last night. Packed everything away and then went for a walk down to the nearby beach to watch the last of the sunrise go through the low lying clouds. Grabbed a few things at Woolies that was open at 7.30 am and then wandered back to the car.

Headed off towards Sydney city, in particular looking for Hornby lighthouse. Plugged the information I had into the GPS and set off. Just before I got to Hornby lighthouse I drove past Macquarie lighthouse so did a quick u turn and took photos of that lighthouse. Left there and headed down to Hornby.

Did a bit of a detour and saw some of the waterfront properties as I meandered towards the lighthouse. Found a spot to park and walked up to the lighthouse. Spent a bit of time taking photos and then decided to see if I could find some of the other lighthouses on the list that were listed as being inside Sydney Harbour.

It is at this point that I must say that I hate Sydney roads and Sydney traffic. Got tooted at several times for being courteous and letting other people merge or come out of driveways but I guess everyone is not on holidays with basically no time issues like me at the moment. Made a couple of wrong turns and ended up going through a toll point so I will need to rectify that tomorrow. Anyway, after much crissing and crossing of roads I found Bradley's Head lighthouse and while I was there got a shot or two of the harbour bridge and the opera house from a distance.

Having got that one decided to try and find Cape Bailey before going back towards Hornby and getting a few over that way. Lots of the ones listed as being in the harbour are not lighthouses as most people think of them so I have not been too worried if I do not get to see or photograph them all. Well, after a drive that took me nearly half way to Woolongong I eventually found Cape Bailey lighthouse. I swapped my lens to a 30 mm instead of the normal 10-20 mm I have almost exclusively used on my travels. This was in response to something Dave (semi professional photographer teacher I met at Norah Head) talked to me about. Unfortunately, when I finally got out to the lighthouse (about a 20 minute walk) it was really the wrong lens to have as there was hardly any maneuvering room and I had trouble framing the photos, especially with no zoom capability on the lens. Finally got one that sufficed and called it a day.

Headed back to Hornby to do some night photography and work out a plan of attack for tomorrow when I will try and see a couple more harbour based 'lighthouses' before heading to Woolongong.  The night sky, whilst cloudy, did allow a few stars to come through and I was happy with a few of the shots I took - at least how they looked on the camera screen. Hopefully they will look as good once I get them onto the computer.

Left Hornby Lighthouse and found somewhere to park for the night, organised tea and then listened to some Ashes cricket whilst I wrote the blog and sorted photos. I then decided to go up the road a bit and try some night shots of the Macquarie lighthouse. It will be a night of sleeping in the car so will plan a shortish drive tomorrow so as to not over tire myself.

                                                      Macquarie Lighthouse, day shot

                                                          Hornby Lighthouse, day shot

                                                            Bradley's Head Lighthouse

                                     Sydney Harbour Bridge form Bradley's Head Lighthouse

                                                             Cape Bailey Lighthouse

                                                         Hornby Lighthouse, night shot

                                                         Hornby Lighthouse, night shot

                                                        Hornby Lighthouse, night shot

                                                    Macquarie Lighthouse, night shot

                                                        Macquarie Lighthouse, night shot

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