Saturday, 18 July 2015

Day 97 - 18th July

Bungendore to Bodalla

Distance Travelled - 178.1 km

Woke up multiple times (at least 8) during the night to a dog barking from the caretaker's house so in some ways was quite glad when my body said it was time to get out of bed. Stepping out of the tent though my body quickly re-thought the proposition as it was quite chilly. With the beautiful clear skies I had been photographing last night I had the foresight to think it might get cold so wore my thermal pants to bed which proved to be a good idea. Not only was I toasty warm last night, in what I found out later to be minus 3, but it seemed to stop my knees from being as sore this morning. It appears the cooler weather lately has not been the best for my knees causing them to be a little sore, especially in the mornings.

Had cereal and coffee for breakfast (yes in different containers - unlike the Coke and Coco Pops I have had together on other camping trips) and then waited for things to warm up to dry out the tent a little. Had a nice hot shower and read for a while. Went to start the car and found I had a flat battery. Attached the jumper leads and solar panel and went for a walk for half an hour. Came back, packed up the tent and tried the car. Bingo, all good. Packed away the panels and away I went.

Got into town just after ten when the Wood Gallery opens. Went for another look and saw a few things they had changed over from my visit on Tuesday. Leaving there I crossed the road to a photo gallery I tried to visit on Tuesday but that was their day for being closed. Today however they were open. WOW! WOW! WOW! Some of the shots this guy has taken are amazing. What I found quite inspiring in some ways was that his subject matter in several instances was the same as what I have been doing on the way around, Eucla jetty and the Burra Homestead are 2 examples. He also had photos of Wallace Hut near Kosciusko which is one of the things I had wanted to photograph but couldn't get to. Whilst very inspiring it was somewhat deflating as well when comparing his amazing shots with mine. Oh well, things to aim for. I chatted to the photographer for a while and he showed me the camera he uses, a dedicated panorama lens (110 degree angle) film based unit costing about $6000 new and around $3000 second hand. Very pricey but amazing quality. We discussed locations, attitudes of others, favourite shots and a range of other photo related stuff before I headed out. I haven't looked at it yet but if you want to check out some of his work go to

Leaving the galleries behind I drove through to Bateman's Bay, stopping at Bairdwood for lunch, and went to the Visitor Information Centre. The lady told me that the lighthouse near Bateman's Bay is really just a beacon and that the closest real lighthouse is Montague Island or Green Cape down near Eden, a couple of hundred km away. I had got myself confused the other day and thought that Green Cape Lighthouse was near Bateman's Bay but it is in fact near Eden. The one close to Bateman's Bay is actually called Burrewarra Point. I decided to head off and get a bit closer to Eden today as I wont get to Montague Island. On the way to Eden I want to stop at a few places near Narooma  and do some photography there if conditions are suitable. One is near Bermagui and the other I still need to locate more specifically but according to previous info centres it is past Narooma. Tomorrow I will go to the Info Centre at Narooma and see what I can find out.

Drove through to a place called Bodalla and pulled up in a roadside campsite in the forest. It is quite picturesque and looks like it could yield some good night photos with what appears to be another clear night. Set up the tent and went wandering around the quite large campsite. Found a couple who have been here for a few nights and are leaving tomorrow. Talked for a while and got invited back to spend some time around there fire and have tea with them. After tea, thought about setting up to do some photography but could not find a clear enough opening in the forest so sorted photos, wrote the blog and got ready for bed.

Tomorrow I will go to Narooma which is not far from here and then form plans for the day, after gleaning info about various photo locations. With any luck I will be in Eden by Monday for night photography at the lighthouse and then it is only a short distance from there into Victoria, hopefully sometime Tuesday.

                                                            Dead trees near Bodalla

                                                              Dead tree near Bodalla

                                         Mural on local fire brigade building near Bodalla

                                                              Old church near Bodalla

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