Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Day 101 - 22nd July
Cabbage Tree to Rosedale
Distance Travelled - 240 km
Woke up dry and warm, a very nice feeling. Got out of bed and had my breakfast of cereal and coffee as I watched the last bit of mist linger over the grassed area where I would have been camping if I hadn't been able to get the shed. After breakfast I packed everything away and then went for a walk along the road for half an hour to stretch the legs before sitting down to drive.
Drove through to Orbost, about 40 km away, and went to the Visitor Information Centre there. It was 8.30 am and they don't open until 10 am so I went for a bit of a stroll through town and looked at several shops as they opened up. The visitor centre is only small but looks amazing. It is one of the old Alpine Huts that has been taken down slab by slab (made of wood) and transported to this site and re-erected. Inside was a fireplace just starting to crackle into life as I entered just after 10 am. The lady was most helpful and we chatted for a while before I left to find the local library where I could access internet to post the blog.
After getting all that sorted it was nearly 12 so headed off towards Sale and then Wilson's Promontory. The drive to Sale was mostly pleasant and I stopped at several spots along the way to take a few photos.
Got to Sale at about 3 pm and went to the Information Centre to get more definite information about the lighthouse at Wilson's Promontory. Bad news! it is about 20 km to walk in and you need to carry your tent, sleeping gear, water and food. There is a campsite about halfway there so the realistic option would be walk in 10 km and camp the night then walk to the lighthouse the following day, look around and then walk back to camp, Stay the night again and then walk out to the car. I certainly wouldn't be up for a 40 km walk in one day especially with my knees like they are and I am not set up for overnight hiking stays. I will have to give it a miss this time.
The lady at the info centre asked me where I was staying and when I mentioned that I was camping she told me to go to Rosedale and the Willow Park campsite as it is quite nice but more importantly has an undercover area where I can put the tent to keep dry. The drive is about 25 km from Sale. Drove there and pulled up at the campsite, Went for a walk into town, about 1.5 km and had a look around before coming back and setting up. Another guy in a bus pulled up and made a fire in one of the undercover fire places and offered me the use of his fire. We chatted for a while and then went about getting our tea and sorting stuff for the evening.

Tonight I am enjoying sitting in front of the fire while I write my blog and sort photos. After that it will be time to chill out to some music and then think about going to bed. Tomorrow I will start heading closer to Melbourne via the Cape Liptrac lighthouse and see what happens after that.
                                                                Bluebell Campsite
                                                  Orbost Information Centre (HDR Image)

                                                 Orbost Information Centre (HDR Image)
                                                          Dead tree near Sale, Victoria
                                                    Under Rosedale Bridge, night shot

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