Sunday, 19 July 2015

Day 98 - 19th July

Bodalla to Bermagui

Distance Travelled - 72.4 km

Woke up at about 7 am and went back to sleep again until about 7.30 am and then just laid in bed until 8.30 am before finally getting up. Noticed there was a reasonable amount of dew on the tent so went for a walk down to the nearby lake and back, about 2 km. Came back and the sun was still battling to come through the clouds and the trees so sat around and read for a while. Eventually at 10.30 am decided to pack everything away still slightly wet and head off.

Drove the 50 or so km to Bermagui, stopping at the Information Centre on the way.  Discovered at the info centre that I had already past one of the areas I was interested in seeing but it was no big deal. Talked to the lady there and found a little bit more information about the Green Cape Lighthouse and then headed off and found Camel Rocks ok.

The car park at Camel Rocks was quite large so set up the tent and dried it off in the now glorious sunshine. After packing it away went into town and looked around and had lunch before coming back to the Camel Rock car park. Set up the solar panel and started charging the Batt-Pack battery and spent time reading while that was happening. Went for a walk along the beach and looked at the area available for the night photography I was contemplating for the evening. Talked to some locals there about tides and found out high tide is about 10.30 pm so that gave me some idea about timing for tonight.

As it darkened I waited for the stars to start appearing and was finally rewarded with a magnificent display above. Set out to the beach and took some photos of Camel Rock with stars in the background and then some of just the stars. After viewing them on the computer it is evident that I have still got a lot of practicing and learning to do.

After finishing the photos, I made a couple of phone calls then went and found a spot to sleep for the night. Went into the State Forest to look for the picnic spot marked at the edge of the road. Apparently it is about 2 km in but after driving nearly 3 km through large puddles and muddy roads I decided to retreat from the forest and find somewhere else. Not far up the road was a rather large bus shelter with a significant roof. I investigated and found I could fit the tent under the roof and the car is able to be packed next to it on a large patch of vacant land.  Set everything up and retired to the car to write the blog whilst listening to a bit of the Ashes cricket on the radio.

Tomorrow I will head off to Eden and look at a couple of different things there including some old ruins and the Green Cape Lighthouse. When that is finished I will work out movements from there for the next day or so, moving from NSW into Victoria.

                                          Lake in the state forest where I stayed in Bodalla

                                             Camel Rock, Bermagui - afternoon shot

                                               Camel Rock, Bermagui, night shot

                                                 Camel Rock, Bermagui, night shot

                                           Stars from the beach at Camel Rock, Bermagui

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