Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Day 108 - 29th July

Princetown to Yambuk

Distance Travelled - 211.4 km

After a dry night under cover whilst it was raining in the open I woke up about 6.30 am and stayed in bed until about 7 am. Got up and had breakfast and then took advantage of the power at the campsite to do some computing and file sorting with my photos. I packed everything away except the tent to let it dry out from condensation as much as possible before leaving. Went for a walk around the nearby oval while I waited for the tent to dry a bit.

After leaving the campsite it wasn't far to the the first stop which was at the 12 Apostles. These were something to behold, not just because of the majesty they seemed to exude, but also observing the awesome power and strength of the surf pounding in and smashing up against the limestone pillars. Stood for quite a while just watching the scene as it seemed to be on constant rewind and play, never seeming to get boring.

Leaving the 12 Apostles I headed on towards Port Campbell visiting the Loch and Gorge where there is spectacular scenery and the tale of a shipwreck on the cliff there. The nearby cemetery is the final resting place of 4 passengers of the ship, all the crew died except one and he managed to save one passenger.

After dragging myself away from here I went through to Port Campbell, visiting the Info Centre and posting my blog before heading on to the Arch, London Bridge and the Grotto - all sandstone formations in the coast and all looking very impressive. There were a few other stops along the way looking at coves and other formations before getting to Peterborough. Stopped there for a few minutes for a stretch and then continued on to Warrnambool.

At Warrnambool I went to the Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village and saw the Lady Bay upper and lower lighthouses. Called in to the CFA complex and had a chat and a coffee with some of the firey's there which was nice. It has been very pleasing to have been so readily welcomed by all the different firey's I have come across on my trip so far.

After Warrnambool I continued on to Port Fairy and saw the lighthouse there which looked interesting with the white tower in stark contrast to the black rocks around the base in the water. After finishing there I headed on towards Portland, looking for a place to stop for the night. Found one that looked suitable at Yambuk with a shelter that should give me protection from the forecast possible rain tonight.

Tomorrow I head for Portland and the 2 lighthouses near there and then on towards Mount Gambier in South Australia and the lighthouses I haven't photographed along that section of the SA coast yet. 

                                                               Part of the 12 Apostles

                                 Bay where the survivors of the shipwreck Loch Ard washed up

                                                           London Bridge formation

                                                                       The Arch

                                                                        The Grotto

                                                            Lady Bay lower lighthouse

                                                            Lady Bay upper lighthouse

                                                                Port Fairy Lighthouse

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