Thursday, 23 July 2015

Day 102 - 23rd July

Rosedale to Pakenham via Cape Liptrap

Distance Travelled - 309.3 km

As I sit and write today's blog I think I have left my thumb drive back in Rosedale in the computer at the community centre where I posted the blog yesterday. I will have to ring them in the morning and if it is there go back and get it. From here it is about 128 km to get there. That sucks!

Woke up this morning and was glad that I had been under cover as everything around was covered in dew. The tent reeks of campfire smoke where the wind blew smoke through the tent last night but I would rather that than be wet. Got up and went for a walk into town while I waited for others to maybe rise so as not to disturb them too much with packing away noises. Got back and saw movement at the other sites so packed away and had breakfast. Read for a little while until it was nearly 9 o'clock and then drove around to the other side of town where the community centre is.
Went in and accessed the computers and after posting the blog, reading and replying to emails and doing a little research I was on my way to Cape Liptrap.

The drive out to Cape Liptrap was predominantly through dairy country with lush green hills, cattle wandering through the paddocks or lounging on the grass and semi regular cheese factories.Stopped in and wandered through a few of the towns on the way and ended up out at the lighthouse by just before lunchtime. Spent some time at the lighthouse looking out over the coast and then headed of to Walkerville, just up the road from the lighthouse (about 15 km point to point) to the site of some old lime kilns. They were right on the beach and looked quite impressive, leftovers from the lime burning days of old.

Leaving the kilns, it was time to try and find somewhere to camp for the night. The closer I get to Melbourne city the fewer the options for free camping or roadside stops. Poring over the map book I saw the location of Pakenham nad remembered they had sent a juniors team to the Fire Brigade Championships in Perth on a few occasions. Decided to go there and see if I could score an undercover veranda for the night.

Got there and was warmly welcomed. I was given the use of the old fire station in town for the night which meant being inside out of the weather, the use of a hot shower, power for the computer and a night of total luxury compared to other places I have stayed on my trip. Got everything set up inside and had tea and then went for a walk around the town. The old station is pretty much in the centre of town.

Got back and spent time transferring photos to backup drives and sorting files while I had the use of power for the computer. Normally by the time I download the photos from the day, write my blog and resize photos ready for posting I have enough power left in the computer to be able to post the blog the next morning before re-charging it through the car on the drive around. When I am at places that I can access power it is important to get as much done as possible.

After I had done as much computer work as I could handle I wrote the blog and sorted my photos and had another search for the usb. If I can't find it tonight I will have to ring Rosedale in the morning and see if they have it there otherwise it will be another huge search through the car.

Tomorrow I hope to get to Cape Schank and maybe Macrae but they well depend on what happens with the usb.

                                                            Cape Liptrap Lighthouse

                                                           Dead tree near Cape Liptrap

                                                           Dead tree near Cape Liptrap

                                                        Lime Kiln ruins in Walkerville

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