Saturday, 25 July 2015

Day 104 - 25th July

Macrae to Melbourne (Southbank)

Distance Travelled - 110 km

Woke up at about 6 am to a surprisingly dry car interior. Leaving the windows down a fraction managed to stop too much condensation building up overnight. Read for a little while and listened to some music whilst finishing waking up properly. Got up and and spent some time reorganising the car and then went for a walk along the beach and boardwalk for about 40 mins, stretching the legs out after sleeping in somewhat weird positions during the night.

Came back from the walk and and had breakfast before heading down to Maccas to post the blog. After finishing that I went for a wander through town and looked at a couple of shops before finally leaving for the city at about 10 am.

Drove through to Melbourne and found Lindsay and Heather's place without too much difficulty. Lindsay came down and showed me where to park and then we went up to their apartment and spent time chatting and catching up. Had a very nice soup for lunch and chatted some more before I headed off to visit a local fire station and go to Port Melbourne to see the lighthouses there.

I was thoroughly welcomed at the fire station and given the grand tour of the station, going through the appliances and rooms, very wide-eyed at some of the equipment they have on their appliances. In particular, the wide range of detectors they have for chemical and explosive warfare particulates they have in response to the growing threat of terrorism was of interest to see.

After leaving the station I went down to Port Melbourne which is only about 3 km from where Lindsay and Heather live. There are 2 lighthouses there, one in the water and another further back about a block or so into the suburb. The read light is significantly taller than the front one. The idea is that ships would line up the two lights and follow that path which would lead them through / along the designated channel into the port. Took a couple of photos of the lighthouses and then walked along the boardwalk for a bit before coming back to Princes Pier where I spent some time taking photos of the old pylons at the end of the pier. There were 5 or 6 other people there taking photos as well.

Left the pier and went back to the apartment where we had tea and chatted before Nathan (Heather's son) turned up with his daughter Rebecca who was going to be staying the night with them. We continued to chat for a while and then watched the movie Labrynth whilst I was doing computer work before retiring to bed.

Tomorrow I will head off at some stage towards Williamstown, not very far from here, and take photos of the lighthouse there before heading down towards Lonsdale. It has been great catching up with Lindsay and Heather and hopefully I will do it again when I come back later in the year to catch the ferry to Tassie.

                                             Bonus lighthouse on the way into the city,
                                              situated at Lighthouse Christian College

                                                           Port Melbourne front light

                                                          Port Melbourne front light

                                                           Port Melbourne rear light

                                                    Starfish on old pylon at Princes Pier

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