Friday, 10 July 2015

Day 89 - 10th July

Woolongong to Jambaroo

Distance Travelled - 89.9 km

Woke to a few odd sounds as Michael and Matt got up at about 5 am to get ready tp leave for work in Sydney but was able to go back to sleep and slept through to about 7.30 am and stayed in bed until about 8 am. Got up and packed a few things away before starting research on the computer. Needed to find information and contact details about paying tolls for roads I had inadvertently driven on in Sydney. Also wanted to research Kosciusko National Park and find out about travelling through there in the next week or so.

Posted the blog and then started my research. Found the number I needed for the toll issue and then proceeded to become increasingly disappointed about entering the national park. There were several old huts I was interested in seeing and photographing and some of them no longer exist,being burnt down in recent-ish bush fires through the area. Some that were still suitable I found out were in areas now closed due to weather conditions and / or time of year meaning that none of the things I particularly wanted to see were available. So I now question whether I bother going that far.
Finished the research and went upstairs to have a shower and get ready to leave. After showering and talking to Gai for ages about all sorts of things, I made the phone call about the toll charges and got that sorted. Chatted for a little longer and then set at off about 1.30 pm for Kiama and the next lighthouse. It had been very nice to stay inside out of the weather last night and be fed and watered so welcomingly by Gai and Michael.

The drive was fairly ordinary, predominately on highway type roads but entry to Kiama and the lighthouse area was quite nice. Went and took a few very quick photos in light rain and then headed to the visitor information centre close by. Spent some time in there looking at various books, one particularly about lighthouses in Australia, getting a couple of ideas for future spots to visit. By the time  had finished looking through the centre it was about 3.30 pm.

The rain had stopped so went did a bit more photography before heading off to find a camp for the night. According to the camps book, there was a spot in Jambaroo about 10 km away. Drove off and found that, pulling up and getting organised for tea and the last part of the afternoon as the sun rapidly set. Cooked tea on the bbq and ate a nice steak form the local butcher with fresh salad. After tea, listened to a bit of music before driving back to the Kiama lighthouse for some night photography.

Spent half an hour or so doing night photogrpahy in somewhat cool conditions with a clear sky. This is one of the few lighthouses I have come across that is externally lit at night. Macquarie lighthouse in Sydney is the only other that comes to mind quickly. Whilst it makes for different and somewhat easier photography, it did make it almost impossible to pick up the stars in the background sky.
Left the lighthouse when my back let me know it had had enough of the cold and drove back to Jambaroo and spent time writing the blog, sorting photos and listening to music before setting up the tent for the night and going to bed. Tomorrow I will head further down the coast and find the Crookhaven lighthouse and possibly the Point Perpendicular lighthouse near Currarong.

                                                     Kiama Lighthouse, afternoon storm

                                                          Kiama Lighthouse, night shot

                                                          Kiama Lighthouse, night shot

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