Monday, 6 July 2015

Day 85 - 6th July

Nelson Bay to Norahville

Distance Travelled - 145.8 km

Awoke after a restless and slightly uncomfortable sleep in the car. Got the car repacked ready to go and headed off. Went towards the info centre parked down near the beach to eat breakfast and go for a walk while waiting for the centre to open. After it opened the lady I talked to said the council has stopped people walking out to Fngal Island on the sandbar because a large storm several months ago damaged the sandbar and they consider too dangerous for people to cross on. The only other way there is by tourist cruises at about $100 to travel the 900 m to the island so I decided to give this lighthouse a miss. Went and had another look at the inner light house and then got on my way.

Drove through to Nobby's Head in Newcastle and finally found somewhere to park. There was a big NAIDOC festival happening on the foreshore and parking was chaotic. Grabbed some lunch at the festival and then walk out along a very windy breakwater to the lighthouse to discover it is blocked off from public access. Walked down to the beach and got a photo of the top of the lighthouse above the cliffs but somewhat disappointing not to be able to see it properly.

Left there and headed to Norahville and the Norah Head Lighthouse. This one was quite nice and I spent a bit of time taking photos and exploring the beach and rock pools below it.  Decided to do some night photography so went for a stroll through town and did some reading to kill some time. Went back late afternoon and got some soft light photos as the sun went down and then settled in for the evening.

A bit later 3 other people turned up to do night photography as well. As it turned out 1 was a professional / semi-professional running classes and the other 2 were his students for the night. It was nice to have some photographic discussions and I managed to learn a few things from Dave, the teacher, and Bella and Beth, the students. After a couple of hours I headed back to the car and drove off to the nearby park area where I had chosen to camp for the night. Got set up and then went through my photos before crashing in bed.

Tomorrow I head for Palm Beach and the Barenjoey Lighthouse before finalising plans for my whirlwind assault on Sydney and the myriad of lighthouses in the harbour and surrounds before heading towards Woolongong.  

                                                      Nelson Bay Inner Light House

                                             Nobby's Head Lighthouse (at front of cliff)

                                                      Norah Head Lighthouse, afternoon

                                                        Norah Head Lighthouse, night

                                                         Norah Head Lighthouse, night

                                                        Norah Head Lighthouse, night

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