Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Day 79 - 30th June


Distance Travelled - 23 km

Woke up early to the sounds of Keri getting ready to leave but managed to roll over and go back to sleep. Got up around 7.45 am and got ready to head into town for another look at some shops. Did a fair bit of wandering and then came back to drop stuff off and then head out again, this time in the car.

Drove to the Southern Cross Uni and had a look at the book shop there in regards to some texts about work stuff I have been pondering lately and then drove off to find the NSW fire station that is close by. Found that and had a quick talk to one of the guys there before heading out to Point Danger to photograph the lighthouse there and have a look from the lookout there. The view was most pleasant and being the first real cloud free day since I have been here it gave a different perspective to the beach life here with the added fact that school holidays in Qld started yesterday.

Came back from there and had lunch and spent the afternoon reading, dozing and packing things up ready to leave tomorrow. Tonight Keri and I are going to the local surf club for tea and then I will finish the packing and be ready to drop Keri at the airport in the morning and be on my way.

                                                             Point Danger Lighthouse

                                                            View from Point Danger

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