Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Day 73 - 24th June

Mooloolaba to Point Cleveland via Caloundra

Distance Travelled - 147.2 km

Woke early and got ready to see if there would be much of a sunrise. The night had been cloudy and rainy preventing much in the way of night photography but thus held the possibility of a nice sunrise. Wandered the short distance to the lighthouse from where I had slept in the car in the car park at Point Cartwright and discovered how popular this place is early in the morning. There were lots of people walking dogs, riding, running, walking or doing stretches in and around the reserve where the lighthouse is situated.

I set up and took some photos of the lighthouse in the early morning light and then as the sunrise evolved started taking some of that. It was quite an enjoyable time watching the sun come up and spread it's light over the lighthouse and reserve.

Finished my photography there and headed off to Caloundra, about 20 km away for the next lighthouse. Found the reserve where the old one was situated and discovered that the 'new' lighthouse was built right alongside of the old one. The new one is no longer in operation either as the development of high rise buildings in the vicinity has reduced the effectiveness of the light so it was deactivated and now stands next to the old one as a testament to the development and technological advances in marine navigational aids.

After leaving the lighthouses I went past a book exchange and decided to call in and finally found the Bourne Imperative book I have been hunting for since leaving Southern Cross. Happy with that I went to Maccas and posted my blog and then set of for Brisbane and the Maritime Museum where the next lighthouse is stored.

Access to the lighthouse at the Maritime Museum was done via a bridge that overlooked the museum so I had no need to go through the museum. The lighthouse was apparently in the process of having some maintenance done it as there were men in harnesses on it and cars below with equipment. Didn't make for the nicest photos but was able to record it anyway.

After leaving Brisbane City I headed out to Point Cleveland. The trip was rather boring, the majority of it being on highways and roads through suburbia. Got to the lighthouse which is inactive but a nice example of the old school type lighthouses. It is one of only 3 hexagonal shaped lighthouses built in Queensland.

Spent the day taking photos of the lighthouse in various weather conditions, cloudy with rain, clearing skies and sun as well as photographing a small group of pelicans nearby. Went for a walk for an hour back towards town looking for the local art and wood gallery I saw on the way to the lighthouse. Upon finding it I was disappointed to read that it is only open Friday to Sunday. Was able to look through some of the windows and some work, but not very clearly or satisfactorily.

Came back to the car park and did some reading and watching of people fishing and using remote controlled helicopters and waiting for the sunset. Got a few nice photos of the sunset and then did some more reading and music listening before sorting photos and getting ready to settle down for the night. Tomorrow I will try for some more sunrise photography and then head through to Coolangatta and meet up with Keri.
                                                           Point Cartwright sunrise

                                                            Point Cartwright sunrise

                                                     Point Cartwright lighthouse at sunrise

                                                 The old and new lighthouse at Caloundra

                                Bulwer Island lighthouse at the Qld Maritime Museum

                                                Point Cleveland lighthouse late morning

                                                             Pelican at Point Cleveland

                                                             Pelican at Point Cleveland

                                                           Pelican at Point Cleveland

                                                  Point Cleveland lighthouse, late afternoon

                                                             Sunset at Point Cleveland

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