Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Day 72 - 23rd June

Avonvale to Mooloolaba

Distance Travelled - 371.6 km

Woke up at 4 am to the sound of a lot of traffic using the nearby road but managed to roll over and get back to sleep before 5 am. Eventually got out of bed around 7 am and went for a short walk to look at the nearby waterhole which was half covered in water lillies but other than that fairly non-descript.

Spent the next couple of hours reading, listening to music, eating breakfast, writing the blog and sorting out photos as I had been too tired to do it the night before. Eventually everything was dry enough to pack away and I left the campsite shortly after 9 am.

Drove into Bundaberg and went to Schmeider's Coopery complex where they had some local wood work on display. There were some nice pieces on display [no photography please :( ] and a video on how they make the smaller 5 L barrels which was very interesting to watch and learn from. Looking through the display of wood work I did get some ideas for when and if I teach wood work back at school next year.

After leaving the coopery I went to the The Bundaberg Barrel which is where they make Bundaberg Ginger Beer and other related 'brewed' soft drinks. Looked through the displays and headed off to find the local Maccas and post the blog.

Leaving Bundaberg I went to Burnett Heads which was only about 20 km away and hunted out the 2 lighthouses there and managed to not only find, but photograph both of them. I must admit that I find the older style of lighthouse much more appealing than the newer styles but I guess that is progress for you.

Leaving Burnett Heads I set off for Mooloolaba where the next lighthouse is. After several hours and nearly 300 km of driving I arrived in Mooloolaba around sunset. Got directions from some people at the skate park near a beach and continued on, finding Point Cartwright Lighthouse when it was just getting dark. Set up and took some photos and then headed back to the car to check them on the computer and see how they went. I will go back later and take some more when some of the cloud cover disappears (hopefully).

Tomorrow I will mosey down to Caloundra after maybe doing some early morning shots at Point Cartwright. There should be 2 lighthouses around there to photograph and then I will need to research where the last 5 on my map are. After seeing if any are feasible for photography I will then head towards Brisbane proper and seek out the lighthouses on the way.  

                                                     Burnett Heads Historic Lighthouse

                                                       Burnett Heads modern lighthouse

                                                 Point Cartwright Lighthouse, night shot

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