Friday, 19 June 2015

Day 68 - 19th June

Goronvale to Townsville

Distance Travelled - 422.8 km

Awoke with the sun trying to squeeze into the car and managed to ignore the desire to get up for a little while but finally succumbed at about 7.15 am. Repacked the car after sleeping in it and set off by just after 7.30 am. Wrote my blog last night but was too tired to concentrate on photos, even though I didn't fall asleep until just after midnight.

Drove to Innisfail, via the Babina Rotary Park rest area for a shower, and posted my blog at the Maccas there after sorting the photos. Spent the rest of the day meandering down to Townsville, not really stopping to look at anything as nothing caught my eye, but not exactly hurrying either. Got to Townsville and went for a walk through Woolies to see if anything jumped out at me that needed purchasing for the next few days and then headed over to the tourist information centre in the city CBD.

After waiting some time for the lady to  finish helping the couple in front of me she turned her attention to me and gave me as much attention to detail as she had the couple before me. Over an hour later I came out of the centre with significant amounts of information in relation to the whereabouts of some of the lighthouses further down the east coast and a lot more insignificant information about all sorts of things from why Townsville weather is better than Perth's, why lighthouses should still be manned, the best shops to buy groceries at in Sydney 45 years ago and what type of work her husband had been involved with when working on the Snowy Mountains Water Scheme.

I left the centre and went to the Maritime museum to try and see when it would be open tomorrow as I wanted to get a photo of the Bay Rock Lighthouse that was transferred there some time ago. I assumed it would be out the back or partially hidden but alas it was out the front waiting to be photographed. I took a couple of shots and then headed back to the camping area out of Townsville towards Ayr that I stayed at before my trip to Cairns.

Bought some fish and chips for an early tea and found when I got to the campsite the family that was there before were still there. Apparently the repairs on the car have taken longer than expected and the car wont be ready until Monday. I chatted to them for a while and then sat to do photo and blog work before settling down to read and listen to music before going to bed.

Having emailed Lesley, the doctor from my Antarctic trip, a few times lately it appears she will be away when I am going through but hopefully I will have better luck catching up with Keri and Wendy, passengers from the same trip, as I go past their areas.

Tomorrow I will start the journey towards Brisbane, hoping maybe to get to Mackay. Unfortunately a lot of the Queensland lighthouses are out on islands somewhat offshore making photography of them difficult but I will do the mainland based ones that I can access and be happy with that.

                                                                 Bay Rock Lighthouse

                                                                Bay Rock Lighthouse

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