Saturday, 20 June 2015

Day 69 - 20th June

Townsville to Boulder Creek campsite (approx 50 km north of Mackay)

Distance Travelled - 451.7 km

Slept in a little today, not getting out of bed until 7.15 am. Spent some time finishing my book and then packed before spending a few minutes talking to the others at the campsite about some of the places I had been up the coast that they might be interested in going to see given some of our previous discussions before I left for Cairns.

After chatting and being asked to show a few photos and check some school work, I headed off towards Mackay. Went into Ayr to post my blog at Maccas and looked through the town for a little while before heading towards Bowen.

Got to Bowen and had a bit of a look through the town. I guess their main claim to fame is that the movie "Australia" with Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman was shot there. The town was transformed to looked like Darwin and apparently it is the largest outdoor shooting set to be used in movies ever. After looking through the town and grabbing a sausage sizzle to support the local cricket club I headed off towards Airlie Beach.

Airlie Beach looked seriously touristy so not a lot of time was spent there and whilst the scenery was nice it was certainly no better than some of the beaches we have in W.A. The markets along the beachfront were just packing up when I got there but a man doing a sand sculpture had just finished and was lighting his dragon just as I got ready to take photos. It was quite impressive.

After Airlie Beach I headed towards Mackay and decided to stay just out of town at a free camping spot which was fairly full when I got there. Luckily I don't need a lot of space so managed to find a spot next to a couple from Dunsborough WA who have been on the road for about 18 months. Chatted to him for a while before heading off to the little creek that runs through the campsite. It is quite picturesque and I spent some time taking a few photos and wandering along the creek appreciating the beauty that is here.

Came back to camp and spent some time looking through the map book making some tentative plans for tomorrow and then cooked tea and sat down to sort photos and write the blog, read, listen to music and eventually get ready for bed.

Tomorrow I will head for Rockhampton and then start to do some shorter distances as I come across some of the land based lighthouses I can photograph.

                                                        Sand sculpture at Airlie Beach

                                                       Sand sculpture at Airlie Beach

                                                  Scenery at Boulder Creek campsite

Scenery at Boulder Creek campsite

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