Monday, 29 June 2015

Day 76 - 27th June


Distance Travelled - 30 km

Woke up at a few times during the night to rainfall but only got up around 7 am. Had a shower and then breakfast on the balcony looking at a fabulous full rainbow that was really bright allowing all the colours to be seen (or so I was told).

After breakfast bummed around for a while then while Keri was off at appointments etc I went for a bit of a drive around the place then came back and went for a walk through town, primarily to get a few things I needed for cooking tea tonight.

Went to one of the antique shops nearby and lost myself in there for a while looking at all manner of things. Luckily I have no room in the car so could not be tempted to buy anything, also most of it was way out of my price league bit it certainly didn't stop me from enjoying the look through the shop.
Came back, walking through light rain and not long after had lunch. Read for a while and watched a movie before having an afternoon nap. Got up and chatted for a while before cooking tea and then the evening was spent reminiscing over the Antarctic trip as we perused photos from the voyage. After photos it was time to go to bed.

Tomorrow we have a stupid o'clock start, getting up at 4.30 am to be leaving here by 4.45 am to drive into NSW to the Cape Byron Lighthouse for sunrise and then meander back through some markets, Fingal Point Lighthouse and possibly Point Danger Lighthouse here in Coolangatta. After that it will probably be home and back to bed. Will have to wait and see what the rest of the day brings.

                                                           Rainbow from balcony

                                                                  Rainbow closeup

                                                          Where is the pot of gold?

Day 77 - 28th June

Coolangatta to Byron Bay and return

Distance Travelled - 0 km (in my car)

Woke just before the alarm went off at 4.30 am and had left by 4.40 am. Drove about 80 km to Byron Bay lighthouse, stopping for a coffee on the way, and arrived just after first light but well before sunrise. Walked the short distance from car park to lighthouse and saw a very nice looking structure.
Byron Bay is the most easterly point of Australia and according to informtion I could glean off the Internet while doing research a while ago, the lighthouse has over 500,000 visitors a year visit it. Looking at the sunrise and lighthouse surrounds, I can see why.

Spent some time doing photography, almost as a reconnaissance mission for my later forays along the NSW coast after I leave Coolangatta, before heading into the town proper to get breakfast at 7.30 am. After devouring a crossiant and coffee we headed back towards Coolangatta, stopping at Fingal Head lighthouse. Fingal Head lighthouse is a very short lighthouse and although the associated buildings and quarters have been removed it still looks very nice. Unfortuately it was undergoing a repaint, with men working on and around it so not much available in regards to peopleless photography. Managed 1 shot and then we headed back to Keri's place in Coolangatta.

Keri had a bit of a snooze while I read for about an hour before we had lunch and then went to the local aquatic centre for a swim. I swam about 400 m and then just lounged around while Keri finished swimming her km and then we went back home. Keri headed off to catch up with another one of her friends for a while and I spent the time filing stuff on the computer, making backups, reorganizing pictures and downloading the pictures from the trip this morning.

After Keri came back she wanted to look at photos I had taken on the trip so I set that up and during the viewing we ate tea and then started watching a movie. I left partway through the movie to make some phone calls and then went to bed, deciding to watch the rest tomorrow as I was starting to feel rather exhausted from the days activities.

Tomorrow I will do some more computer work, do a bit of car organisation, get some clothes washed, charge camera batteries and walk through town for a while to occupy myself while Keri is at work. Not sure about Tuesday but at the moment am leaning towards leaving here Wednesday to start the trek into NSW.

                                                              Byron Bay lighthouse

                                                              Byron Bay lighthouse

                                                               Bug at Byron Bay

                                                                Fingal Head lighthouse

Day 78 - 29th June


Distance Travelled - 5 km

Woke about 7 am and got up and ate breakfast as Keri was getting ready to go to work. After she left I did a series of things in preparation for leaving on Wednesday. Did the washing, started charging batteries, worked on the computer and looked at stuff in the car thinking about ways of better setting it up.

After the washing was done I drove downtown due to the incessant rain and walked about looking through bookshops, Woolies, op shops, gift shops and the like. Got what I needed to cook tea and came back to do some reading, eat lunch and prepare some stuff for tea.

Not much later Keri came home from work and we went to Bunnings to get a few things so I can make a few simple repairs for her. We chatted for a bit and then she got stuck into work stuff whilst I read and listened to music.

Had tea and looked at a few more photos before getting ready for bed. Keri has to leave about 5.30 am tomorrow to go to Brisbane for a work conference so an early night for her and a quiet night for me is in store. Tomorrow I have a few places in town I want to look at and I will repack the car ready to leave on Wednesday morning after I drop Keri at the airport for her work trip to Cairns.
Almost no photography today except for one from the balcony looking out over Coolangatta at night.

                                                  Coolangatta at night from the balcony

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