Friday, 5 June 2015

Day 54 - 5th June

Darwin to Kakadu National Park

Distance Travelled - 360 km

Woke up and saw the run rise from my tent, then rolled over and went back to sleep for a while. Finally got up, packed and set off by about 8.30 am. Spent the morning driving back into Darwin and then around, looking at various things like parks and monuments whilst looking for somewhere to get a haircut. Got most of my beard taken off and also did some banking and shopping before finally heading off towards Kakadu just after lunch.

Drove out and went to the Visitor Information Centre to find out what was available to see. Unfortunately most of what I was hoping to see is only accessible by high clearance 4WD with snorkels so that puts and end to lots of time here. There are a few places available which I will look at tomorrow and then probably head out earlier than initially planned.

Went to Ubirr for the sunset which wasn't spectacular but nice, and spent time looking at some of the Aboriginal rock art there. Left there just before 7 pm when the area closes and went to the Merl Campsite. Set up the tent and tried to cook tea with the 10 000 000+  mosquitoes in residence there. Couldn't even eat without getting mouthfuls of mosquitoes. It was too hot to sit in the car with the windows up and too many mossies to just sit outside (where it was marginally cooler). A couple from Holland had flown into Darwin today and driven to Kakadu for their first experience of Australia and very soon commented to me about the Australian fly and mosquito dance.

Eventually had enough of trying to keep the mossies off so went to bed, killing as many mossies inside the tent as I could before settling in to listen to music and sweat myself to sleep. Not the most comfortable start, feeling pools of sweat rolling off you onto the sleeping bag or pillow but eventually fell asleep.

                                                    Rock formation, Kakadu National Park

                                             Ubirr Aboriginal rock art site, Kakadu N.P.

                                                          Sunset at Ubirr, Kakadu N.P.

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