Thursday, 11 June 2015

Day 60 - 11th June

Ayr to Townsville to Alligator Creek

Distance Travelled - 142.8 km

After a somewhat interrupted sleep I woke at 6.45 am and started to sort things for the day.I was hoping to see some sugar cane harvesting before I met with Aunty Jan and Uncle John. Had to wait for the dew to dry off a bit and then packed and headed off in the direction suggested to me by one of the men I spoke to last night. Couldn't find them there so went off to the meeting place Aunty Jan and I had decided on.

Chatted with Aunty Jan and Uncle John for about 45 minutes before they were wanting to head off on their travels for the day. I went in search of harvesting and managed to get a couple of photos. Then I headed back into Townsville to hunt out a place to get the car serviced and to check some stuff at the Telstra shop.

Managed to organise a service for Friday but they were unable to tell me when it was likely to be ready, only that if I could leave it with them all day they would let me know as soon as it is done. I guess I will spend most of the day at the nearby shopping centre, hopefully where a camera shop is so I can talk to them about my broken camera.

After posting my blog at Maccas (thank goodness for their free wi-fi, regardless of purchase)   I set about finding a spot to pull up for the day. Found a spot about 30 km back towards Ayr for free camping. Pulled in and met a couple with a young family who have been on the road for 2 years with their 3 children aged 2, 4 and 8. Spent the rest of the day reading, listening to music, writing my blog and relaxing.

Got my first teaching gig today. The family that is here are home schooling their kids and when we got to talking they found out I was a teacher, most recently in grade 3/4 and what a coincidence - their eldest is in year 3. Would I do them a favour and listen to her read and see how she ws going and in return they offered me the use of their 12 volt shower so I could have a hot shower - a fair trade I think. Listened to the young girl read who did quite a good job. Talked to the parents about a few hints and strategies about schooling on the road and everyone seemed happy.

Tomorrow I will get the car serviced and then depending on when I get it back decide where I will go then. I guess today I need to decide whether to go to Cairns or not. Now that Mickey and Lani are not there anymore it takes a lot of the appeal away but being not sure whether I will get this far up here again sort of seems silly not to go the extra bit further.

                                                                         Cane fields

                                                               Sugar cane harvesting

                                                                  Sugar cane harvesting

                                                               Sugar cane harvesting

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