Sunday, 12 April 2015

Well, it is nearly time to head off. The last 6 weeks or so since getting back from Antarctica has flown by but I think everything is in order now ready for me to head off. For those of you who don't know, the proposed plan at this stage is to leave on Monday 13th April and head east toward Adelaide spending a bit of time with family over there and looking at some of the sights. After Adelaide it is up through the middle via Lake Eyre, Coober Pedy etc and into Alice and then after spending time there moving on to Darwin. After Darwin it will be across to Queensland and then down the east coast as far as I can get before needing to be back in Perth for beginning of September. Then back to Tassie for October and after that things are up for grabs depending what has been achieved so far. Maybe back up the east coast or back to WA and head to the South West  before ending up home in late December in an attempt to be ready to go back to work late January.

I can't promise how regularly I will post stuff but will try where I can and when I have something worthwhile to post.

I hope you enjoy what I post and welcome comments.


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