Friday, 24 April 2015

Day 12 (the real Day 12) Friday 24th April

Cape St Albans to Kingscote

Distance Travelled - 101.7km

Somewhere along the way I have skipped a day with my numbering so this is the real Day 12.

Woke up early to an overcast and very windy morning so stayed in bed for an extra half hour and got up about 6.15am. Packed sleeping gear away but left the tent out to try and dry off a bit of the dew accumulated through the night. Set off at 6.30am to start the hike in the Cape St Albans lighthouse. Just as I left a text came in confirming the cancellation of the ferry for today.

As I got closer to the lighthouse huge black clouds could be seen on the horizon and the wind picked up a bit more. Took a photo of lighthouse with the clouds behind and continued walking towards the lighthouse. Just as I got there the sun poked out into a gap in the clouds providing a nice shot before quickly disappearing.

The lighthouse has a wall built all around it preventing entry or climbing but someone - definitely not me - has cut a small square hole in the base of the door which was just big enough for me to poke the camera through and take a shot of full lighthouse. It took several attempts to get it right due to shooting unseen but finally got one that will suffice.

Started the half hour walk back and with no shelter in sight it started to rain, rapidly getting quite heavy. Put on my rain jacket over my other jacket and continued walking as the rain got heavier and heavier. After about 20 minutes it stopped and although the rain jacket had kept me dry on the outside I was sweating profusely from the uphill walk in 2 jackets. Finally got back to car and changed into dry clothes and packed away a slightly more wet than before tent.

Drove to the ferry terminal to sort out travel plans. They were very apologetic, obliging and helpful. I am now booked on the 2.30pm ferry on Saturday providing the wether settles. Posted my recent blog entries using their wi-fi and then went to the visitors centre and waited for that to open at 9am. Spent some time there looking at maps etc and found that there is a dawn service for ANZAC Day tomorrow in Kingscote - about half an hour away. Having not missed a dawn service since I got my car license I was glad I could find one happening here on Kangaroo Island. Drove to Kingscote and looked around a few shops before finding somewhere to park, hopefully for the night. Weather at the moment is very windy and rainy still but hopefully it will blow itself out during the night ready for a clear ANZAC service and a good ferry crossing tomorrow.

Cape St Albans lighthouse with the approaching storm.
A glimpse of sun before the downpour.
                                             Cape St Albans lighthouse from the hole in the fence.

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