Monday, 20 April 2015

Day 8


Distance Traveleld - 117.5 km

Today was pretty much a sort of rest day.Spent the majority of it at Aunty Jan and Uncle John's either reading or researching for the next phase of travel. The only real travel I did today was into the city to drop one of my cameras of for cleaning. It appears there is some dust on the sensor which is leaving marks on the photos. Had a very nice lime chilli chicken lunch at a small Thai restaurant just across the road from the camera shop.
Went to Adelaide using the freeway and came back the scenic route through the hills and on some very cool, very, very windy (lots of turns) roads. It was great fun driving along  those roads.

After looking at maps and weather forecasts and talking with those in the know it has been decided that I will head to Kangaroo Island tomorrow and come back Friday whilst the weather is still fine. Saturday I will do a bit of a day trek up to Port Adelaide and Merino Bay for light house photography and then Sunday or Monday I will head off into the Flinders Ranges and beyond, leaving Adelaide behind and making my way towards Coober Pedy, Alice Springs and then Darwin.   

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